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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

11/14/11 - 11/18/11

What nerve did EJ have for getting upset that Johnny was missing?  If he didnít set John up, none of this mess would have happened.  Johnny would be safe at home if EJ wasnít being conniving as usual.

Daniel and Jennifer talked about her kissing Jack and what led up to the kiss.  He kept saying he didnít mean to make her feel bad, yet he brought it up.  If he didnít want her to feel bad, he wouldnít have said anything about it.

The writers forgot that Ciara was kidnapped when EJ threw it up in Boís face that she ran away.  Bo knows what itís like to have a child missing when Ciara was kidnapped.  EJís not the only one who knows what itís like to have a missing child.

Sami was furious at John and blamed him for why Johnny was missing.  We figured she would have blamed him for what happened.  John wasnít the one who took the boy so how was it his fault?  Sheís just looking for someone to blame.

In addition to being upset with John, Sami was upset with Marlena.  She thought Marlena should have been looking for Johnny instead of being with John.  What Sami said made some sense, but she didnít have to be so bitter about it.

It certainly didnít say much for EJ that Kate suspected that he or Stefano had something to do with the shooting at John.  You would think that the others would have suspected them too since they thought the DiMeras were behind Johnís case.

It was nice of Kate to comfort Sami about Johnny being missing.  Sami certainly didnít make it easy for her by being nasty at first.  It Ďs good to see these enemies actually getting along for five minutes.

Sami was being really nasty to Rafe.  Rafe was just trying to help her, but she treated him as if he kidnapped Johnny.  We felt so sorry for him. 

John and Marlena made a mistake going to see Sami because she ripped them a new one.  She blamed John for why Johnny was missing.  We thought Sami was right to blame Marlena for not being there for the family because Marlena cared more about John than her grandson.  We donít approve of the way Sami went about yelling at John and Marlena.

Sami didnít waste any time blaming Rafe for why Johnny is missing.  We could tell that the blow up was coming because she was being so nasty to him when he was only trying to help her.  Sami is so selfish.  She didnít care that Rafe was worried about Johnny.  Sheís just worried about how it affected her.

It was about time EJ decided to take blame for something he did.  He blamed himself for why Johnny was missing.  He should blame himself because all of this with Johnny could have been avoided if he didnít set up John.

Why would someone report that Johnny was the dead boy when he wasnít?  Who would have confirmed that when Bo, Hope, and Rafe went to confirm the body?

EJ had a lot of gall blaming Sami for Johnnyís ďdeathĒ when itís his fault.  He was the one who set up John in the first place so if anyone is to blame itís him.

Rafe ended up finding Johnny at the pub.  If anyone was going to find Johnny, it was going to be Rafe.  He is like a dog with a bone when it comes to solving a case.

Sami and EJ had a heated argument that led to them kissing.  Guess the death of a child will lead you to kissing each other.  Sami wasted no time locking lips with EJ.  Itís too bad she doesnít know what EJ did to John.  We canít wait to see the look on her face when she finds out that Johnny is alive.

Page updated 5/18/12

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