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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

10/24/11 - 10/28/11

Who was Austin to refuse to stay with Kate at the DiMera mansion?  He didnít have anywhere else to go so he could have ďroughedĒ it at the mansion.  What if Rafe didnít change his mind and agree to let Austin stay with him and Sami?  He would have had no choice but to stay at the mansion.

We felt sorry for Rafe when he told Sami how he was going to have trouble telling the kids about losing his job.  He thought the kids would have been proud that he is a cop.

It was nice to see EJ and Lexie getting along and talking about the children.  They havenít been talking about the kids lately so it was a nice change.  It didnít take long for them to fight, but it was nice while it lasted.

It was about time someone mentioned Belle.  Brady mentioned Belle and asked why she hasnít been there to see John.  Of course Marlena had an excuse ready for Belle for why she hasnít been there for John.  Marlena claimed that Belle has been emailing and calling John every day.

Brady is really selfish.  He knows that John is going through legal troubles, but heís only worried about John not telling him how proud he is of him.  If Brady went to see John, he might tell him how proud he is of him.

Maggie has become obsessed with finding her child.  She didnít give her eggs a second thought, but now all she does is mention it.  She even goes so far as to expect people to bend rules in order to help her find her child.

Why does Will keep sending John emails of pictures?  Why canít he take them to John himself?  Does Will think heís too good to see John while heís on house arrest?

Melanie may as well have told Abby that she wanted to be with Chad.  Melanie went overboard talking about how great Chad is as if Abby didnít know herself.  Abby needs to watch out for Chad because Melanie wonít hesitate to take him from her.

Why was Jennifer so worried about not having PR experience for Abeís campaign when she didnít have it to work at the hospital?  She could have done the same thing for Abe that she did for the hospital.

Bo and Hope disguised themselves as janitors so they could find out the name of the woman who was implanted with Maggieís eggs.  We enjoyed their scenes, but they shouldnít have risked their jobs to get the name.  If a civilian did that, they would be in trouble for doing that.

Leave it to Debbie Downer Maggie to bring up her child during the Halloween party.  We know she wants to know who her child is, but it could have waited until next day.

Abby apologized to Jennifer for fighting with her about Jack.  Guess Abby must have had a change of heart towards Jack all of a sudden.

Chad mistakenly kissed Melanie at the Halloween party.  He thought she was Abby since they were conveniently dressed alike.  Melanie had no problem getting into the kiss.  He may not have known who she was, but she knew who he was.

Maggie, Bo, and Hope found out that Lillian Parker (the woman implanted with Maggieís eggs) was Melanieís grandmother.  It turned out that Daniel could be Maggieís son.  The writers had to find some way to connect Daniel to Salem once he inevitably gets dumped for Jack.

Page updated 5/18/12

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