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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

10/17/11 - 10/21/11

If Jennifer blamed Jack for leaving her and the kids why didnít she choose Daniel?  She made it seems as if Daniel were a saint among men, yet she is still torn between Jack and Daniel.  It should be an easy decision to make.

Jack told Jennifer that she could never love a man besides him.  Did he forget about Peter and Frankie?  When he left her before, she moved on with two other men.  What made him think she wouldnít find love again?

Marlena and Stefano had a great showdown when she accused him of framing John.  No matter how much he declared his innocence, she still believed he set up John.  Marlena was lucky that Stefano didnít have her thrown out of the mansion.

It could be us, but Austin seems a little too willing to believe that John is guilty.  When Rafe was suspicious of the proof that John was allegedly at the cafť, Austin was convinced that he was guilty.  Maybe Austin is working with the people who are setting John up.

Leave it to Melanie to make Abbyís situation with Jack about her.  Melanie had to bring up how she always wanted a father when she was growing up.  What did that have to do with Abby not wanting to get along with Jack?  Will she ever let anyone have a pity party without having to join in on the festivities?

How is EJís approval rating going up after everything he has done to people?  If Abeís approval rating is going down for supporting John, EJís should be plummeting.

Nicole must be into EJ more than sheís letting on since she kept him from getting the message from Patti about a woman she found for him.  Nicole may as well go back with EJ since she doesnít want him to be with anyone else.

How long has Sami been working at Mad World Cosmetics that she suddenly doesnít have time to spend with John and Marlena?  We thought she just started and she hasnít been that busy that she couldnít take the time to check on them.

When did Chad and Melanie get so close?  He was practically obsessed with Abby, yet heís spending so much time with Melanie all of a sudden.

It certainly didnít take long for Sami to think that John could be guilty of taking peopleís money.  When Rafe arrested John, Sami was furious with Rafe for thinking that John could have been guilty.  Now sheís suddenly questioning Johnís innocence.  Itís convenient how Sami suddenly thinks the same way as Austin.  We have a feeling where this story is headed with Austin and Sami.

Roman wasted no time firing Rafe for giving Carrie information about the case.  Roman was so cold about letting Rafe go.  It was as if he didnít want Rafe to help John.  Maybe Rafe should have told Roman that he wouldnít help Carrie and then did it behind Romanís back.  At least he would have his job.

Sami doesnít know the first thing about loyalty.  She couldnít wait to side with Austin when Rafe accused him of getting him fired.  Rafe was trying to help her family, yet she got upset with him.  Then she had to get a dig in about Austin having a job when Rafe didnít.  It wasnít that long ago when she didnít have a job so she shouldnít have rubbed it in Rafeís face that he didnít have a job.

Why couldnít Austin stay with Kate?  Itís hard to believe that Kate wouldnít have let him stay with her.  He could have also stayed with Roman if he didnít want to stay with Kate.  Sami and Rafeís place canít possibly be the only place he and Carrie could stay.

Page updated 5/18/12

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