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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

10/10/11 - 10/14/11

Why didn't Jennifer tell Daniel that Jack was spending the night.  If it were as innocent as she claimed, she could have said something.  Who didn't know that Daniel was going to catch Jack in the house?

Rafe is a wonderful husband to Sami.  He was willing to take over for Sami with the kids and the apartment so she could focus on her new job. Sami needs to remember that whenever she thinks he messed up.

Why does John keep having flashbacks of balance sheets?  It looks suspicious that John keeps having these flashbacks.  We know he's innocent, but it looks very suspicious.

Jack called Adrienne out for not having his back when it concerned his situation with Jennifer and Daniel.  People usually don't say anything when their families aren't loyal to them so it was about time someone said something.

Leave it to Melanie to make Maggie and Victor's wedding about her.  Melanie couldn't help Maggie plan her wedding without making about her wedding to Philip.

What made John think that Marlena would divorce him?  She would have to be one of the worst wives in the world if she left John because of his legal issues.

Why would Jack try to be a father to Abby and forbid her to see Chad?  Did he really think she would listen to him after all of this time that he has been gone?

Sami should have minded her business when Kate got in an argument with Madison.  Sami wouldn't have her kids if it weren't for Kate yet Sami couldn't wait to insult her.

We loved how Abe reminded EJ that he has done criminal deeds in the past.  EJ was no one to judge the fact that crimes are being committed when he is a poster child for criminals.

Why in the world did Days cast Nate Berkus on the show?  We know that he's on a show on NBC, but he is a terrible actor.  If the show wanted to do stunt casting, they should have found someone would could act.

Things are really looking bad for John.  Now there's evidence that he was walking sooner than he let on.  There's a picture of him on a security camera walking when he said he was paralyzed.  Then he couldn't present the phone and computer to Rafe because they were taken from him.  For his sake, someone better find evidence that clears him soon or else he's going to prison.

Page updated 5/18/12

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