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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

10/3/11 - 10/7/11

If Jack was held hostage, he could have told Jennifer the truth.  Itís not as if it was a big secret that he had to keep from her.

It was amazing how fast news spread that EJ was running for mayor.  He just made the announcement, yet it was suddenly spread all over the world.  Salem is a small town so why would it spread all over the world? 

Carrie and Sami threatened Austin and Rafe as if they were the ones who set John up to be arrested.  Carrie and Sami didnít take into consideration that they were in an impossible situation when it concerns John.

Itís nice that Victor and Maggie are getting married.  The only problem we have with it is they are getting married very fast.  They have barely dated each other yet they are ready to get married.

Why would EJ go to Nicole to improve his family name?  She isnít exactly the perfect person to make him look like a saint.  Sheís not the pillar of the community or anything.  It was just an excuse to get EJ and Nicole in a story together.

The writers didnít pay attention to their history.  Kate told Victor that he was working with Madison to get back at her for leaving him for Stefano.  Kate didnít leave Victor for Stefano.  Kate and Victor were apart long before she went to Stefano.

Abby is really bitter about Jack leaving the family. She knows the reason why he left, but she still ripped him a new one.  Jennifer wasnít as mad as she was and Jack left her too.  For Chadís sake, he better not screw up in her eyes because she can be bitter when she wants to be.

John couldnít make bail because all of his assets were tied to the company.  We wonder why Marlena couldnít pay the bail.  Sheís a psychiatrist so she should have money.

What does Nicole know about being a publicist?  You would think that EJ would have hired someone who has experience.  Thatís right.  This is the writersí way of putting them in scenes together.

What in the world could John have done to Brady that would keep Brady from seeing John? This is the time for Brady to forget his anger and be there for John.  He has got to be the worst son in the world.

Page updated 5/18/12

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