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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

9/26/11 - 9/30/11

It was nice that Bo and Hope wanted to fix the town square, but why didnít Hope get Jennifer and Julieís help to plan the party?  Tom and Alice were Jennifer and Julieís grandparents too so they might have wanted to be a part of it too.

What were the odds that Patti Stanger would have been EJís date to the party?  The writers could have let her be one of the special guests at the party instead of making her EJís date.  It would have been more believable that she was a surprise at the party.

Thumbs up to the writers for reminding the audience that Jennifer and Austin used to do a talk show together.  We were surprised that the writers remembered that detail.

Kate should have been more concerned with being at the party instead of arguing with Chloe.  If she did, she would have known that Austin was back in town.

If Marlena actually spent time with Sami since she was gone, Marlena would know Rafe and wouldnít have been surprised by how much Will has grown.

Marlena said that everyone has been staying in touch with them while they were away, yet Roman was talking to Marlena as if they havenít spoken to each other in years.  Guess Roman wasnít one of the ones who stayed in touch with them.

We love seeing how happy Bo and Hope are with each other.  It is a big difference from what they were going through a year ago.  Hopefully the writers wonít forget how happy they are and break them up again.

Why are the writers going overboard shoving EJ and Nicole down our throats?  EJ didnít want anything to do with Nicole when he was in love with Taylor, but now that Taylor is gone, he suddenly wants to be with Nicole.  The writers must not know what to do with Nicole so they have to put her back with EJ.

Isnít it something how the writers are giving Alice a story now that sheís no longer on the show?  We are interested in where this story of Alice being blackmailed is headed.

It was nice to see John and Abe in scenes together again.  Itís been a long time since they worked together.

Thumbs up to Jennifer for trying to get Abby to be a part of Jackís life.  Jack didnít give Jennifer a reason to do that, but she still put Abby before her pride.

Chad is such a hypocrite.  He told Abby that Jack is always going to be her father no matter what, but he didnít take his own advice about that with Charles and Stefano.

Leave it to EJ to upstage Abe with his mayoral candidacy.  EJ could have waited to make that announcement.  Also, why does EJ think he should run for mayor after what heís done in Salem?

Why didnít the audience get to find out why Jack left his family?  It didnít have to be said off camera.

Page updated 5/18/12

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