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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

9/19/11 - 9/23/11

How did Vivian know that Quinn wouldnít hurt a woman?  She hasnít seen him in years so she doesnít know who he would hurt.  Guess she has to go overboard being mother of the year now.

We could care less if Dario leaves for Argentina.  The writers didnít care about Dario and Melanieís relationship enough to show them together so why should we care that they are breaking up?  He could have left Salem a while ago.

Who knew that Abe and Lexie were having problems spending time with each other?  They have barely been in scenes together so we had no way of knowing that they were having problems.  Hopefully they will be shown more now that heís running for re-election.

It was good to finally see Chloe awake.  It seemed as if she was in a coma for a while.  She was probably in the coma for a day, but it feels as if itís been longer.

Nicole showed that she is a better person than Taylor deserves because she was willing to get EJ to help Taylor when she was in trouble with the law.  We know that Taylor wouldnít have done the same for Nicole if the shoe were on the other foot.

Gus put a knife on the police when he realized that they were on to him.  He ended up putting it on himself.  We didnít understand why Rafe didnít shoot him in the hand.  It wasnít as if Gus had a gun in his hands.  Any of the cops could have shot him before he grabbed Nicole and put the knife to her.

Why did EJ have to threaten Vivian before she was willing to help Gus see the light?  Gus was loyal to her, but she acted as if she could care less what happened to him.  No wonder Gus turned crazy.

It certainly didnít take much for Vivian to turn on Gus once the police caught him.  She didnít care that Gus obviously has emotional problems.  She really is a heartless woman.  It would serve her right if Quinn turned on her.

Quinn and Taylor are leaving town.  We canít say that we are disappointed that Taylor is leaving the show because we never warmed up to the character.  She has always high and mighty and got on our nerves.

It was strange to see EJ out of a suit.  He actually wore workout clothes for a change.  It must have felt strange not being in a suit for a change.

It was nice to see all of the flashbacks of Tom and Alice as well as Bo and Hopeís.  We didnít get the chance to see some of the flashbacks when they originally aired so it was a treat to see them.

Page updated 5/18/12

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