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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

9/12/11 - 9/16/11

Nicole always has perfect timing to find out information.  She happened to walk up on Taylor and Quinn while they were at the Cheatin' Heart.  The woman needs to join the force.

Kate has some nerve judging Chloe and declaring that Chloe isn't fit to raise Parker.  She probably doesn't know the last time she saw Parker so who would she be to say that Chloe isn't fit to raise Parker?

Kate was obsessed with EJ getting married. She must have forgotten that he's already married.  If he's supposed to have a better image, how would it look as if he gets married right after getting divorced?  That wouldn't be good for his image.

Why would Gus take off his mask if he wanted to frame Quinn?  Chloe had a flashback of Gus taking his mask off after he attacked her.  Gus and Quinn don't look alike so that was crazy of him to take off the mask.  That would have made sense if he killed Chloe, but he left her and the other victims alive so they could identify him.

We are so tired of hearing about the website that Chad, Will, and Sonny are doing.  It is of no interest to us, but the writers are making a big deal about the website as if it's the best story ever written.

Why are Sami and Rafe suddenly having money problems?  She was using John's money before, but now they are suddenly having money problems.  Why doesn't she use John's money again if money is tight?

It certainly didn't take Taylor long to hit the sheets with Quinn.  She must not have loved EJ the way she claimed she did.  She never had to ruin Nicole's marriage if she was going to move on with another man.

If Sami was having trouble finding a job, why didn't she go to Caroline or Brady?  They would have given her a job.  We hope she didn't think she was too good to work for them.

Why didn't Carly have to make amends with Bo and Hope?  She helped ruin Bo and Hope's marriage so they should have been on the session with her too.

When did EJ get interested in Nicole again?  He was obsessed with being with Taylor, yet now he wants to be with Nicole.  Maybe he doesn't like the idea of her moving on with Brady.  When had his chick on the side, he didn't want anything to do with Nicole.  Now that she is with Brady, he wants her back.

Page updated 5/18/12

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