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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

8/22/11 - 8/26/11

Melanie was so full of herself when she assumed that Brady hired Dario to keep him away from her.  Brady never indicated that he had any feelings for her so why did she assume Brady wanted to keep her from Dario?  We really canít believe her nerve.  Her ego is the size of Salem.

Why was Maggie pushing so hard to get Victor to make peace with the DiMeras?  She should have been on the phone with Brady since he started the war.  Why does everyone expect Victor to end the feud when Brady threw down the gauntlet?

Why did Sami give Lexie such a hard time about her diagnosis?  Lexie had no reason to lie to Sami about her condition.  Sami just wanted to hear what she wanted to hear.

Taylor had a lot of nerve to expect Quinn to keep their connection quiet, but she wouldnít cover for him anymore.  Did she forget that one hand washes the other and she has to do something for him too?  We hope that he does tell what Taylor did because she needs to be knocked off her high horse.

Since Hope usually gets hurt, was it really a good idea for her to go undercover?  She didnít need to go undercover to catch the attacker.  She is just going to end up getting hurt.

Someone needs to give T a beatdown.  He has a nasty attitude towards Sonny.  We know that the writers had to make someone a homophobe or else this story is a waste of time, but Tís actions are just despicable.

When did Abby have a change of heart about her family being together again?  Abby was the one pushing for Jennifer to be with Daniel.  Now she suddenly wants her family to be together.  Why would she want Jennifer to be with Jack when he hasnít called anyone in them in a long time?

Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) messed up what could have been a good confrontation with Kate.  Chloe confronted Kate about setting her up to be a hooker.  Chloeís acting ruined the scenes.  Chloe came off whiny instead of angry.

It seems like the writers are trying to put EJ and Nicole back together.  The writers have tried putting them together, but it didnít work.  There is no need to go down this road again.  EJ and Nicole were talking to each other and she defended him to Bo and Hope.  We know thatís all it takes for them to get together.

Rafe is the perfect soap husband (except for Bo LOL!).  He went out of his way to help Sami keep her mind off of her condition.  He proves over and over that he is perfect.

Thumbs up to the writers for letting us see a happy moment between Bo and Hope.  We rarely get to see them have romantic moments so it was good to see them happy again.  We hope the new writers will remember to include these happy moments on the show again.

Was anyone really surprised that EJ wanted to reclaim his birthright as a DiMera?  We didnít think EJ really did want to change and be a better person.  It didnít take him long to go back to his evil ways.

Page updated 5/18/12

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