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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

8/15/11 - 8/19/11

Brady will never learn.  He gave Dimitri the green light to shoot a DiMera.  Brady didn’t wait to find out which DiMera was on the pier before he gave Dimitri permission to shoot.  What if Lexie, Theo, or Johnny were on the pier with Chad?  They could have been shot too.

Jennifer shouldn’t have quit her job because Carly was fired.  Carly shouldn’t have taken drugs while practicing medicine.  She could have hurt someone while she was high.  The board made the right decision by letting her go.

Did anyone else want to slap Taylor when she stormed into the Kiriakis mansion to give Brady and Nicole a tongue lashing?  She didn’t want to believe EJ was a horrible person, but she ripped Nicole a new one for being blind when it concerned Brady.  We wanted to see Nicole slap her so hard when Taylor yelled at them because she is not perfect and has no right to judge.

Quinn shouldn’t have been too surprised that Vivian yelled at him and slapped him for helping Carly.  He knows how much Vivian hates Carly so he shouldn’t have helped her and pretended not to do anything for her.

Lexie seemed really determined to take Maggie off of the ventilator.  She practically rushed Hope to follow Maggie’s wishes of not being a vegetable.  Is it possible that Lexie wanted to keep Maggie from telling what her family did to her?

Jennifer and Abby didn’t seem to care too much about Maggie on Tuesday.  They were more worried about Carly and Chad respectively.  Carly and Chad had their own families to worry about them so Jennifer and Abby could have been with Maggie.  Hope was the only Horton by her side when Lexie took her off the ventilator.  Maybe that’s why Hope was Maggie’s next of kin.

Taylor had a lot of nerve blaming Nicole for the war with the Kiriakis and DiMera families.  Does Taylor think that pointing the finger at Nicole will erase what she did?  It doesn’t change the things Taylor’s done.

Taylor shouldn’t be surprised that EJ wasn’t ready to change.  She knows that EJ is a monster so it shouldn’t have shocked her that he couldn’t walk away from him family.

Kate will never learn to stop breaking people up.  She wants EJ’s help to break up Chad and Abby.  Kate needs to worry about her own relationship instead of breaking up other relationships.  We can see the temptation to break up Chad and Abby, but she should stay out of it.

Taylor was probably a hooker for Quinn.  Guess that means she’s not so perfect after all.  She’s no longer in a position to judge Nicole for her past since hers in tainted too.

Kinsey doesn’t know the first thing about prostituting so why would she want to switch places with Chloe?  She doesn’t have a child that she was desperate to keep so she doesn’t have to do it.  Kinsey could have tried to get her job back at the pub.  She apparently lost her job there so she could have looked for another job.

Kinsey should thank her lucky stars that Chloe showed up at the hotel when she did.  Kinsey shouldn’t have passed herself off as a prostitute.

Page updated 5/18/12

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