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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

8/8/11 - 8/12/11

Victor really had a lot of nerve expecting Stefano to believe that Brady was provoked to attack EJ.  Would Victor accept that excuse if EJ attacked Brady?  Weíre going to answer that by saying no.

Speaking of Brady, he thought EJ wanted to meet him as a trap.  Didnít EJ have a right to retaliate against Brady after what he did to him?  Weíre not on EJís side at all, but we have to call them as we see them.  EJ would have a right to go after Brady since he attacked him.

Marco wasnít thinking.  He should have waited to shoot.  He might not have shot Maggie by mistake if he had thought before he shot.  He should have waited until he saw the gun in Victorís hand before he fired the gun.

Why does everything have to go back to Melanie?  Carly has a drug addiction and it affects Melanie.  Maggie was shot and that affects Melanie too.  We donít care for Melanie so we donít need to see her involved in two stories.

Melanie blamed Victor for what happened to Maggie. Did she forget that Brady started everything by attacking EJ in the first place?  Victor was only trying to smooth things over after what Brady did.  Also, if Maggie hadnít followed Victor, she wouldnít have been shot.  Melanie just wanted to point the finger of blame at someone, but she pointed it at the wrong person.

Who was Melanie to get upset with Brady when he wanted to reach out to her?  She was the one who helped him cover up the attack on EJ.  She is just as responsible for what happened to Maggie because she didnít say anything.

Itís time for Lexie to consider getting out of the medical profession.  She froze and thought about the bullet that was in Maggie.  The time she wasted could have made a difference.  Did she hesitate because she wanted to keep Maggie quiet after all?

Why did Roman feel that Bo and Hope had a conflict of interest when they wanted to investigate what happened to Maggie?  The DiMeras did worse to Rafe, but Roman allowed him to investigate the shooting.  Rafe has a conflict of interest too so he shouldnít be on the case either.

We arenít buying EJís sudden martyr act.  He is just as despicable as his father.  We donít believe that EJ has changed.  He only cared that Maggie was shot because he thought that Taylor would hate him for it.

Chad will regret that he didnít want to work things out with Charles Woods.  Now Charles wants to make all of the DiMeras pay for it.  Chad will be looking for help from Charles once the DiMeras are in trouble.  Chad would deserve it if Charles punished him harder than the rest of the DiMeras.

EJ was really trying to prove that heís a martyr by taking the blame for Maggieís shooting.  The writers are going overboard trying to convince us that EJ is a changed man.  We donít believe that heís changed.  He just wants to look like a saint.

Why was Chad so concerned with EJ being with Taylor?  Did he forget that EJ is married to Nicole?  He wasnít this vocal about him making sure EJ worked on his marriage the way he is about his relationship with Taylor.

Page updated 5/18/12

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