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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

7/25/11 - 7/29/11

We werenít the least bit surprised that part of EJ gave his children away for Taylor?  Is Taylor that wonderful that he would be willing to give his kids away to impress Taylor?  She is not that wonderful to us.

Hope should be careful with her attitude.  She attacked a suspect because he mentioned what she did to Bo.  She may as well get ready for that.  She knows what she did to Bo so she should stop attacking people who mentioned what she did.  She just got reinstated so she should be careful.

Carly shouldnít have taken the risk and took strange pills.  She ended up passing out afterwards.  Itís a good thing she didnít have to go to the hospital.

Is Nicole trying to be the saint of Salem?  Why would she defend Taylor to Kate after everything she did to her?  Nicole should have been more than willing to listen to Kate badmouth her.

This is 2011 so why was T acting so stupid about Sonny being gay?  Itís not so unusual for people to be gay anymore.  The writers need to do something with Tís character or write him out of the show.

Thumbs up to Victor for putting T in his place.  T was acting so ignorant about Sonny being gay and Victor let him have it.  We were cheering Victor on when he yelled at T.

Melanie obviously wasnít worried about Carly since she took the time to talk to Dario when she was supposed to check on Carly.  Dario must have been more important than her mother.  Luckily Jennifer showed up at Carlyís suite because Melanie never made it there.  Melanie would have found Carly passed out instead of Jennifer.

Kinsey said she didnít know how to deal with people who didnít want her.  What a humongous ego she has.  How does she deal with Will, Chad, and T?  They donít want her, but she didnít mention that.  She made it seem as if Sonny was the only one who didnít want her.

Carly and Jenniferís scenes were very powerful and moving on Tuesday.  Jennifer and Carly did a lot of shouting in their scenes and it was moving.  Jennifer found Carly passed out and the fireworks began.  Carly was upset with Jennifer for wanting to get her help.  Jennifer didnít want to enable Carlyís addiction anymore.

Are the writers trying to re-write Carlyís story.  Vivian practically claimed credit for Carly being on drugs when Carly took them before Vivian knew about it.  It seems like the writers are trying to make Vivian responsible for Carlyís addiction to let Carly off the hook.

Nicole canít have it both ways.  She was upset when she saw Taylor and Brady kissing.  Nicole doesnít want Taylor with EJ or Brady.  Nicole canít have every man in Salem.

Melanie proved again that she doesnít care about her mother.  She was having a drink with Dario when she knew her mother snuck out of her hotel suite.  Melanie is such a great daughter (dripping with sarcasm).

Melanie had a lot of nerve getting mad at Abby for not telling her about Carlyís drug habit.  Melanie has kept her own fair share of secrets so she should have been more understanding about Abbyís situation.

Quinn should have known who Carly was since she was married to his cousin.  We find it hard to believe that he didnít at least see her picture.

Page updated 5/18/12

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