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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

7/18/11 - 7/22/11

Why did Kate think that Stefano would go to jail?  When does Stefano get caught for anything he does?  She had no reason to cry about whether he was going to jail unless those were tears of joy.  We're sure she didn't forget that their marriage was based on blackmail.

You would think that fake Rafe would have been suspicious of Sophia (cell mate) being in the cell with him.  What were the odds that she would have been in a cell with him?  He was arrested enough to know that his cellmate would have been a man.

What made Quinn decide it was time to stop helping Kate?  He had no problem setting Chloe up with clients before, but he doesn't want to work with Kate anymore.  Did we miss something?  If Quinn feels so bad for Chloe, why didn't he tell her what Kate had him doing to her?

T. really is an idiot.  He wanted to make Sonny pay for taking a picture with him when Sonny knew he (Sonny) was gay.  T. has to be the worst written character on the show.  Kinsey was actually the one who made sense when she tried to talk sense into him when he wanted tog et revenge on Sonny.  When Kinsey is more bearable than someone, something is really wrong.

Sami had a lot of nerve getting upset that Rafe didn't tell her that he worked with Sophia.  She kept quite a few things from Rafe including shooting EJ in the head.  that was the reason why EJ went after them in the first place.  Rafe wouldn't have had to call her for help if Sami had let the police take care of EJ.

It was ironic that fake Rafe kept lying about being the real Rafe, but tried to deny it when the bank robbers thought he was Rafe.  He wanted everyone to think he was Rafe, but he couldn't deny it enough when the robbers thought he was Rafe.

Charles had to open his mouth and ruined everything that Bo, Hope, and company did to get the DiMeras.  Charles let Stefano and EJ know that fake Rafe was dead when Bo and Hope were trying to bluff them into confessing what they did to Rafe.

EJ decided to give Sami full custody of the kids.  She was lucky that he didn't change his mind because she tried to destroy all of the paperwork that he had for the agreement.  She should enjoy his change of heart for now because it won't last long.  We hope the writers aren't trying to redeem EJ by having him give up custody of the kids.  It's not going to work.

Kate needs to stop going after Chloe.  She has done enough to her that she should give up keeping her from Parker.  She hated it when Curtis took Austin and Billie from her so you would think she wouldn't do that to Chloe.

Why would Carly want to take the pills she took for the drug dealer?  She didn't know what she was taking so why take the risk?  You would think a doctor would know better.

Page updated 5/18/12

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