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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

7/11/11 - 7/15/11

EJís house of cards came down on Monday.  Taylor and Johnny turned on him.  He got exactly what he deserved when they turned on him because he was the one that wanted to go after Rafe in the first place.

We loved it when Stefano yelled at EJ for messing up their plans.  Stefano was right on the money when he told him how he messed up everything over Taylor.  We know that Stefanoís anger will be short lived, but we enjoyed hearing Stefano rip EJ to shreds.

We hope that the writers arenít trying to make us feel sorry for EJ.  It is not working for us.  We donít care if everyone in Salem turns on EJ.  We will not feel sorry for him.  He set everything in motion and he deserves to pay for it.

We were cheering when Taylor and Rafe said that EJ was worse than Stefano.  They were so right.  We have known for a while that EJ was worse than Stefano, but it was never addressed on the show.  Weíre glad that it finally happened this week.  EJ acts as if heís better than Stefano just because he falls in and out of love and because he has young kids, but that is not the case.  Stefano is a bad person, but EJ is a million times worse than Stefano could ever be.  Stefano has never hidden the fact that heís evil unlike EJ.  EJ pretends to be noble when heís a monster.

The writers are doing everything they can to butcher Jack.  He will look like a monster when he comes back to the show.  Jack sent Jennifer a text, but didnít mention anything about her or the kids.  Adrienne is supposed to be his sister and she is badmouthing Jack too.

Taylor was acting as if EJ betrayed her with his schemes.  EJ hurt other people, but she made it about herself.  She couldnít believe that he lied to her.  He has done much worse than that to other people, but she was only worried about herself.

Speaking of Taylor, why did she expect Nicole to care that she found out the truth about EJ?  Taylor stole EJ from her, but she expected Nicole to care that she was hurt by EJís lies.  Taylor didnít care that Nicole was hurt because of her and EJ.

Lexie hoped that Stefano and EJ would get caught for their actions.  She wasnít worried about justice being served when she kept Zack from Bo and Hope.

Victor handled Sonnyís news of being gay really well.  Victor didnít get upset about it the way that Justin and Adrienne said he would.  Victor and Sonny talked about it calmly.

We were surprised by Romanís calm reaction towards fake Rafe.  Fake Rafe pretended to be Samiís husband and technically raped her.  You would never know that based on how Roman spoke to him.  Roman acted as if he were talking to someone who received a parking ticket.  Roman was in the cell and had an opportunity to punch him, but he remained by-the-book Roman.

Bo was ready to kill fake Rafe when he told Hope to give Ciara a kiss from him.  Roman didnít want to do anything to fake Rafe and he did more than just kiss her.

The writers finally remembered that Lexie wasnít always ďperfectĒ.  She has done her fair share of scheming, but she acts as if sheís so perfect.

EJ claimed that Samiís actions were well played when she let him see the kids and Johnny rejected him.  He should have been thankful that she let him see the kids at all.  He was cruel to Sami when he had the upper hand so he should be thankful that she let him talk to the kids.

Page updated 5/18/12

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