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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

7/4/11 - 7/8/11

Wasn't it convenient how the majority of Salem were at the pub at the same time on Monday?  It was strange to see EJ walk into the pub with Bo, Hope, Justin, and Adrienne.  EJ is not one of their favorite people so why would he show up there with them?

What was the point of Monday's episode?  The writers decided to have the characters spoof movies.  The episode reminded us of something that would have happened on Passions.  It wasn't the worst episode we've ever seen, but there was no point to it.  Monday's episode could have been pre-empted if the writers were going to do an episode that was completely different from the other episodes.

The makeup department did an excellent job on Peter Reckell's makeup for the True Grit spoof.  He really looked different from how he usually looks on the show.

Will, Gabi, Kinsey, Chad, and Abby's scenes were so boring on Monday.  It was like watching paint dry listening to them talk about last year's movies.  We couldn't care less what they thought about movies.  Their scenes didn't do anything to make us want to see the movies they mentioned.  We would have rather have seen the spoofs than watch them talk about movies.

It was something that Taylor mentioned Nicole last when she gave EJ her list of reasons for why she couldn't marry him.  Taylor really does prove that she loves Nicole, doesn't she?  You would think that Nicole would have been the main reason why Taylor couldn't marry EJ, but that wasn't the case.

Are the writers so hard up to write a story for Lexie that she has to be involved in Taylor's story?  All Lexie ever does is get wrapped up in Taylor's business.  It would be good to see Lexie do more than butt in Taylor's business.

If fake Rafe were really worried about what the DiMeras did to Rafe, why won't he confess to what the DiMeras did to him?  He could testify against them so they could go to jail.

Taylor shouldn't have been surprised that Nicole didn't jump off her barstool and congratulate her for marrying EJ.  EJ is Nicole's husband so she would not be happy that Taylor accepted his apology.

Nicole always has the best timing.  She can always see and hear everything.  She managed to see and follow Rafe to the warehouse.  She is the only one who sees and hears everything.  

Did anyone else want to slap the smug look off of Taylor's face when EJ was defending her to Stefano?  She is acting as if she is EJ's wife when she's not.

If Nicole hadn't untied fake Rafe in the first place, he never would have showed up at the DiMera mansion and ruined Bo, Hope, Sami, and Rafe's plan to get back at the DiMeras.

We loved watching Sami hit EJ when she finally confronted him about what he did to her.  We didn't think she would ever confront him about what he did to her.

Taylor needs a brick to fall on her head to realize that EJ is guilty of everything.  Taylor heard all of the things against EJ, but she still needed proof that he did anything. She truly is a fool in love.

Page updated 5/18/12

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