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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

6/27/11 - 7/1/11

Lucas knew that Will graduated so it didn't make any sense that he didn't show up for it.  We don't believe that Lucas would have been so busy that he wouldn't have made arrangements to be at Will's graduation.  If Bryan Dattilo couldn't come back, the writers could have said Lucas was in another room.

Nicole should have known that she would not have been able to get away with keeping proof on the DiMeras without them retaliating.  Stefano managed to get Nicole's proof from her and she ended up with a will and that was it.  She should have gone to the police and told them what she knew about EJ's plan with Rafe.  She wants to divorce EJ now so she should have gone to the police in the first place.

Brady had a lot of nerve calling Dario names.  Dario kept his dirty little secret (beating EJ up), but he called Dario a low life.  Dario should tell the police what Brady did to EJ.  We aren't fans of Dario, but Brady was not right to insult Dario when he was keeping quiet about what he did.

Taylor told EJ that she and Nicole were almost getting close until their mother died.  That is not why she and Nicole won't be close.  Taylor falling for EJ is the reason why she and Nicole aren't close.

It was convenient that Sami only heard Stefano and EJ mention an imposter.  If she weren't being so loud, she might have heard them talking about fake Rafe.  She has the worst timing because she never hears anything.

Sami should get out of the spy business.  She was obviously up to something when she put the bug on a rose at the DiMera mansion.  We were surprised that EJ and Stefano didn't notice it as soon as she put it on the rose.  She clearly doesn't know what she's doing.  We aren't experts on spy games and we would know to hide bugs in better places.

Page updated 5/18/12

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