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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

6/20/11 - 6/24/11

Wasn't that convenient how Taylor showed up at the DiMera mansion just as fake Rafe confessed to killing Fay?  Who let her in the mansion in the first place?

It's a shame that Vivian had to find out about Quinn through Gus.  If she were a better mother, she would have known what Quinn was doing without having Gus investigate him.

What were Bo and Hope thinking?  They put the camera so close to fake Rafe and he ended up kicking the camera after making his confession.  They should have kept the camera closer to them and not fake Rafe.

Hope had some nerve saying that Sami should have had more faith in Bo.  If Hope had faith in Bo, she and Bo wouldn't have broken up after Ciara was kidnapped.

How convenient was it that the video confession that Bo and Hope got from fake Rafe was messed up when Rafe looked at it.  It worked when Bo and Hope looked at it after fake Rafe knocked it over, but when Rafe looked, the tape was messed up.  That was a convenient way to let the DiMeras off the hook.

It's a "good" think that EJ woke up when he did because Nicole would have smothered him.  It would have been too easy for Nicole to smother him since he didn't have a guard posted outside of his door.

Why did Lexie call Taylor about EJ?  Taylor is not EJ's wife so she shouldn't have called her about EJ.  Why did Nicole have to find out about EJ from a nurse and not Lexie?  Lexie may not like Nicole, but she is still EJ's wife and deserved to know what happened to him.

It's about time that Nicole realized that she should divorce EJ.  She is wasting her time staying in the marriage.  We wanted Nicole to punish EJ, but he planned on being with Taylor so staying is pointless.  Nicole can make him suffer another way.

Carly should lay off the drugs while she's at the hospital.  She could have been the reason why EJ passed out while Bo was talking to him.  If she's not careful, she will end up killing someone.

When was Hope deputized to be back on the force?  Bo didn't officially reinstate her as a cop.  He told her while they were in bed.  That is not the same as being officially reinstated as a cop.

Speaking of Hope, why did she bother being a cop again when it didn't take much for fake Rafe or Taylor to take her down?  She has obviously been off the force too long since fake Rafe and Taylor were able to knock her out.

Why did Will suddenly have a problem with Gabi kissing him?  He had no problem kissing her before, but he was suddenly uncomfortable kissing her.  Once he saw Sonny, he had a problem kissing Gabi.  Why did he bother arranging a prom for her if he didn't want to be with her anymore?

Who did Melanie think she was telling Maggie that Will's graduation wasn't important?  Melanie wanted Maggie to get Victor out of town because it was Melanie's fault that people were going to be hurt. Melanie had some nerve thinking that her problem was more important than Will's graduation.

Page updated 5/18/12

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