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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

6/13/11 - 6/17/11

We are so glad that Kate confronted Jennifer about dating the man who hurt her brother.  We know that Kate is still bitter towards Daniel for some reason, but she was right.  Jennifer shouldn't be dating Daniel knowing what he did to Lucas.

Thumbs up to the writers for having Jennifer mention that Kate destroyed Bill and Laura's marriage.  It has been a long time since anyone has mentioned what Kate did to the Hortons.  Jennifer needed a comeback because Kate was right about what she's doing to her brother.  With that said, it's good that the writers remembered the show's history.

We don't buy Brady's sudden need to avenge Arianna's death.  He didn't give her a thought before Dario showed up in Salem.  Now he suddenly wants to get revenge on EJ.  Why didn't he find Troy and do something to him?

Sami actually rented the Salem brain.  She realized that fake Rafe killed Fay.  It's good to know that Sami's brain is still functioning since she was dumb enough to come up with the plan to keep the truth from the police.

When did Melanie become so high and mighty?  Brady told her that EJ was responsible for Arianna's death, but she wanted to take the high rod about it.  She wanted Brady to go to the police instead of killing EJ.  Did she forget that the DiMeras never pay for any of their crimes?  What would have been wrong with Brady ridding Salem of scum like EJ?  We didn't realize that Melanie walked the straight and narrow that she could have a high and mighty attitude towards Brady killing EJ.

We like the idea that Bo and Hope are involved in Sami and Rafe's story.  They will be a good change in the story.  We know the writers speed up Bo and Hope's story so this story with fake Rafe should end soon.

It didn't take long for Jennifer and Daniel to have sex with each other.  Jennifer was in love with Jack for years and Daniel was in love with Chloe so you would think that they would have waited to have sex with each other.

If Melanie wanted Dario's help with EJ, she shouldn't have told him that Troy worked for EJ.  Why did she think that Dario would want to help someone who was indirectly involved with what happened to Arianna?  Would Melanie want to help the person who hurt or killed her family?  We don't think she'd be that "noble" and help them.

If Sami didn't stop Rafe from going to the police, Bo would have known sooner that Rafe had a double.  Bo wouldn't have had to find out the way he did.  The double could have been arrested if Sami listened to Rafe and told Bo about the double.

We were surprised that Stefano didn't know that EJ was beat up.  Stefano is supposed to know everything, yet he didn't know what happened to EJ.

Leave it to Hope to get attacked by someone handcuffed.  Fake Rafe managed to trip her while he was handcuffed to a chair.  Hope should have stayed home since she has been off the force for too long.

Rafe finally told Bo what his and Sami's plan was.  They wanted to give fake Rafe truth serum so he could sell out the DiMeras.  Bo wasn't sure if that would work since truth serum doesn't always work.  Rafe thought of that.  He and Sami were going to take fake Rafe to the DiMera mansion in order to get fake Rafe to talk.  He thought fake Rafe wouldn't be able to fight the truth at the mansion.

Page updated 5/18/12

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