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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

6/6/11 - 6/10/11

Caroline was pretty hard on Rafe considering she is no saint.  She has done her fair share of bad things, but she was forgiven.  Leaving out her affair with Victor years ago, she switched Parker's paternity test and was forgiven for that.  Maybe she should be a little more forgiving of other people's wrongdoings.

When did Vivian suddenly get a son?  She has never mentioned anything about having a son.  She made it seem as if Philip was her only son yet Quinn is suddenly her son.

Sami kept pushing her luck with Fake Rafe when she argued with him about raping her.  She wasn't out of the shed yet so she wasn't in the position to get smart with Fake Rafe.

Speaking of the rape, we didn't think the writers would address the fact that Fake Rafe raped Sami.  We thought they would have swept that under the rug.  Thumbs up to the writers for acknowledging what Fake Rafe did to her.

Jennifer showed how much she cared about Lucas by saying it was none of Lucas' business if she went out with Daniel.  You would think she would have had reservations since he ruined her brother's relationship.  Daniel felt more regret than Jennifer and he was the one who ruined Lucas' marriage.

Why does it matter to Adrienne whether or not Chloe sees her son?  Adrienne acted as if it was her business if Chloe ever saw Parker again.

EJ must love pushing his luck with Nicole.  He told her that he spent the night with Taylor.  She went ballistic on him and threatened to make her come up missing.  He should know better than to threaten Nicole because she always comes out on top.

It's amazing how Carly suddenly wants Daniel in her life now that she's hooked on drugs.  You would think that Bo would be the one that Carly wanted around to help her get through her problem.

We loved how Brady put Taylor in her place about trying to get him to be with Nicole in order to make herself fell better about stealing her sister's husband.  He was right on the money because that's exactly what she was doing.  She wouldn't care one way or the other if Brady and Nicole were together if she didn't try to steal her sister's husband.

It served Nicole right that EJ kicked her out of the mansion when Bo left.  She had the chance to tell Bo what EJ did, but she didn't do it.  She allowed him to use the kids to manipulated her into keeping quiet.  Then she got a slap in the face by getting kicked out of the mansion.

Why was Gabi so worried about Rafe not being there at the hospital when her mother hasn't been there to see her? You would think her mother would have been there since she had her appendix taken out.

Nicole slapped Taylor twice when they argued over EJ.  We would have slapped Taylor too if we were Nicole. Taylor was so smug about how she slept with EJ as if she didn't do anything wrong.  Taylor slept with her sister's husband and treated Nicole like she was the villain.

Nicole was so desperate to keep EJ that she had to get Stefano's help to keep EJ.  EJ clearly wants to be with Taylor so Nicole is better off letting him go.  Why would she want to be second best with EJ again?  It's bad enough she had to settle being second best to Sami so why go through that again?

Page updated 5/18/12

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