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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

5/30/11 - 6/3/11

Taylor made it seem as if she did Nicole a favor by leaving Salem and for staying away from EJ.  Nicole wasn't going to care that Taylor was leaving since she would be doing what Nicole wanted.

How many times is Taylor going to quit working at Titan or leave Salem before she actually does it?  Every week she threatens to do one or the other yet she never does it.

We are sick of people saying how good Taylor is.  What makes her such a good person?  She is after her sister's husband.  That doesn't exactly make her a good person.

Why did Brady care so much that Daniel and Jennifer were together?  We didn't realize Brady was so close to Jennifer.  Daniel should have told Brady to mind his own business when Brady warned him not to hurt Jennifer.

Galen Gering is very good with Rafe and Fake Rafe.  It looks as if there are two people instead of one.  Galen Gering really makes us believe that he is talking to another actor.  Most actors in dual roles make it easy to tell that they are one person, but Galen makes you forget.

Brady reminded Nicole that he loved her when she said that no one loved her.  He told her that she chose EJ so she may as well live with it.  He also told her that she was the reason why her life was a mess.  He was right. If she chose Brady in the first place, she wouldn't be in this mess with EJ. 

Thumbs up to the writers for having Daniel acknowledge the fact that he went after Chloe when she was with Lucas.  He seemed to think that he was innocent when it came to affairs.

EJ must have gotten courage from his "magical" kisses with Taylor since he wants to kill "Rafe" himself.  Any other time he gets someone else to do his dirty work.  Now that he blamed "Rafe" for ruining his life, he's determined to kill "Rafe".  Guess you get bold when you're in love with Taylor.

If Taylor couldn't tell EJ bye, why did she have to see him at her hotel room?  If she could see him at the hotel, she could have told him she was leaving.

Why was Jennifer so mad that Daniel had to leave their date?  She knew he had a patient and had to leave, but she was whining about it to Maggie as if Daniel purposely left her house.

Taylor proved that she's not the good person we're supposed to believe she is.  She gave in to temptation and slept with EJ.  She knows that he's still married, but that didn't stop her.  We remember that she said she wasn't going to be with him while he was married. She must have gotten over that.

Page updated 5/18/12

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