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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

5/23/11 - 5/27/11

Jennifer doesn't have any class.  When her phone died, she took Carly's bag and looked for Carly's phone.  She could have asked Carly for her phone instead of taking it upon herself to look in Carly's bag.  Carly could have looked in the bag and got it for her.

Now that EJ is in love with Taylor, we're supposed to believe that he wants to turn over a new leaf.  He told Stefano that he didn't want any parts of the illegal half of the business.  It's too bad he didn't make this decision before he met Taylor.

Nicole brought up Taylor being with Eric while they were arguing about EJ.  The writers must have forgotten that Taylor was with Eric when Nicole stole him from her.  Nicole mentioned Taylor being friendly with all of the guys she's with as if Nicole didn't steal Eric from her.

The writers were inconsistent with Bo and Sami.  When Sami called Bo, he made it seem as if he hadn't spoken to her in a long time, yet she told Rafe that Bo told them Tim was going to use the safehouse.  How was the possible if they hadn't spoken to each other?  Also, Bo told her that Caroline told him that she and Rafe broke up.  You would think they would have talked about that when he told her about Tim.

Nicole was wrong about Taylor.  Nicole was under the impression that Taylor was so good that she would turn EJ into the police if she knew what he did.  Well Taylor proved her wrong.  Taylor knew that EJ was a drug dealer and that he was indirectly involved in Arianna's death, but she didn't turn him into the police.  She couldn't do that to him.  We're supposed to believe that Taylor loves EJ so much that she would compromise her so-called "good girl" reputation in order to protect EJ.

Bo should have recognized Carly's nasty behavior from when Hope was taking pills.  Hope snapped at him the same way Carly did.  It shouldn't be that much of a leap for him to figure out that she might be on something.

Speaking of Carly, she really let Bo have it when he was talking to her about their relationship.  She was no longer understanding about why they broke up.  Now she's clearly upset that he was with her until Hope wanted him back.  Bo should have known that Carly wasn't going to be that understanding for long.

How many times does Carly have to say that she didn't need her pills?  She says that every time, but she constantly takes them.  She may as well take them and be done with it.  What's the point of saying she can't take the pills if she's going to take them?

Maybe it was just us but we have trouble believing that Taylor has trouble breaking the rules so to speak in order to be with EJ.  This is a woman who has no problem going after her sister's husband so she seems to be okay with breaking the rules.

Why would EJ and Taylor kiss out in public?  If Taylor didn't want to get caught with EJ, why would she risk kissing him in public?  Anyone could have seen them together and told Nicole Guess she's not as innocent as we're supposed to believe.  It was if she didn't care to be caught.

Thumbs up to the writers for remembering that Jennifer was raped.  Jennifer talked to a girl who was date raped so this was the perfect chance to remind the audience she was raped.  Unfortunately, she didn't tell the girl that she was raped, but she did tell Daniel that she was raped.

When Rafe tried to get EJ and Stefano to confess to what they did to him and Sami, it was as if EJ and Stefano knew what Rafe was doing.  EJ and Stefano were very good to refer to Rafe by his name.  They never did that when Fake Rafe was around.  They never referred to his name at all.  Now all of a sudden, they called Rafe by name.  They were also very good not to say anything incriminating.

Taylor had a lot of nerve throwing Nicole's dirt in her face.  Taylor must have thought that Nicole would have backed down to her if she reminded her that she has done bad things.  Reminding Nicole of what she's done doesn't justify falling in love with her sister's husband.

Caroline was upset with Sami for taking Rafe back after he cheated on her.  Did Caroline forget that she cheated on Shawn and took her back?  What if someone advised Shawn not to take her back?  Besides that, when Sami first left Rafe when he allegedly cheated on her, Caroline tried to talk "Rafe" into making things work with Sami.  We were glad that Sami reminded Caroline that Shawn forgave her when she cheated on him.

Did Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) get it in her contract that she is to be told that she's beautiful?  If she's not told that she's beautiful, someone says that she's beautiful.  We got it.  The writers want the audience to believe that she's the most beautiful woman on the show.

Page updated 5/18/12

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