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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

5/9/11 - 5/13/11

Daniel and Jennifer had a bad first date.  She ended up choking on the food that he made. That doesnít really say much for Danielís cooking.  Hopefully thatís not a sign that they shouldnít be dating.

Chloe has become a lush.  She had so many drinks in one day yet she hasnít been to the hospital for alcohol poisoning.  Who knows how many times she has been drunk in this one day?

It certainly didnít take long for Chloe to jump in bed with another man.  No wonder Quinn (the man she slept with) thought she was a hooker.

Melanie and Abby got in an argument about Daniel.  Abby reminded Melanie that Daniel ruined Lucasí marriage to Chloe.  Melanie had the nerve to insult Lucas because his marriage ended.  Well Melanie must be an a** too since Philip created on her.  While weíre on the subject, when did Abby change her mind about Daniel?  She wanted Jennifer to be with Daniel before, but now heís not good enough.

Fake Rafe gave it away that he was the imposter and not Rafe.  Fake Rafe knew too much about the DiMera plan to be the real one.  Besides, thereís no way the DiMera would have let the real Rafe know so much about their plan.  He shouldnít have overplayed his hand.  Luckily for him, he only had to convince Sami.

Sami is such a hypocrite.  She stopped Fake Rafe from shooting Rafe because thereís no reason to shoot someone in cold blood even if he did work for the DiMeras.  That didnít stop her from shooting EJ in cold blood.  If she didnít shoot him, they wouldnít be in this mess now.

Chloe told Brady that she was moving out of Maggieís house so she could give Maggie some space. It was the same day she moved in the house, but she was ready to leave.  Just because the day has lasted for weeks didnít mean it wasnít the same day.  How was she going to get her own place when she didnít have any money?

We are so sick of Taylorís martyr act.  She wanted EJ to promise her that he wouldnít hurt Nicole.  The writers are creating the illusion that she is the good sister who cares about Nicole just because sheís willing to sacrifice her relationship with EJ.

Are we supposed to feel sorry for EJ that he is being blackmailed?  He told Nicole that he hated her for making him go through all of this.  If he didnít force Nicole to marry him in the first place, he wouldnít be going through this mess.  Now that he is on the other end of being blackmailed, he canít take it.

Nicole needs to make up her mind.  She wanted to stay married to EJ, yet she didnít want Taylor to be with Brady.  Nicole canít have things both ways.  Either sheís going to be with EJ or Brady.  She canít get mad at Taylor for being with Brady if sheís going to be with EJ.

Where did Rafe get the energy to fight Fake Rafe?  He was knocking on deathís door yet he had the energy to fight Fake Rafe.

Sami wanted to let EJ think that she didnít know what he did with Fake Rafe.  Rafe wanted to go to the police, but Sami didnít want to risk EJ leaving the country with the kids.  We guess thatís a good idea, but she might have been better off going to the police.

Carly was acting nervous when Jennifer told her about the missing drugs.  She is going to give herself away if she keeps acting nervous about the person stealing the drugs from the hospital.

Why did Sami expect Rafe to have his memory back so fast?  She knew he had his memory erased so it shouldnít have been a surprise that he didnít remember loving her right away.

Since when do ghosts get white hair?  When Lawrence spooked Carly, he had white hair in his facial hair.  We were under the impression that ghosts didnít age.

Page updated 5/18/12

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