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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

5/2/11 - 5/6/11

What nerve did Sami have to get mad at Fake Rafe for leaving Salem when she did the same thing to him?  She didn't care that she left him and she wasn't clear with him about when she would be back, but she got mad at him for wanting to leave.

We were wondering how long it would have taken for Stefano to think that Rafe was alive.  Since Rafe's body wasn't found, Stefano should have been suspicious about Rafe being dead.

Why was Sami so nervous to be around Fake Rafe if she wanted to make their marriage work?  She acted as if she didn't want him to touch her.  She was the one who wanted to make their marriage work yet she treated him as if he did something wrong.  All of this happened before she found out about the affair.

Sami had wonderful timing when she found out that Fake Rafe cheated on her.  While Fake Rafe and Dario were outside talking, she overheard them talking about the affair.  Whenever Fake Rafe talked to EJ or Stefano, she never heard it, but she was able to hear Fake Rafe and Dario talking about Fake Rafe's affair.

How many times was Nicole going to go to the Cheatin' Heart in one day?  She was in there three or four times in one day.  She should have had enough to drink.

We may not care for Dario, but he would have been right to be upset with Melanie for going out with Brady instead of him.  He asked her to go to dinner, but she couldn't go with him.  Brady wanted to go for a drink, but she was willing to go with him.  Dario didn't ask her to marry him so she could have gone out with him.

Thumbs up to the writers for having Sami tell Fake Rafe that John and Marlena's affair affected her life.  Sami and Fake Rafe talking about his affair was the perfect time for Sami to mention John and Marlena's affair.

Seeing Sister Rose with Rafe was a not to Passions fans.  The actress who played Sister Rose (Melinda Sward) played Pretty on Passions.  Her character was obsessed with Luis who was played by Galen Gering (Rafe).

Sami and Fake Rafe had an explosive argument over his affair.  We didn't expect him to bring up the fact that her twins have different fathers and how she slept with EJ again even though she said she hated him.  She tried to hold her own, but Fake Rafe didn't back down.

EJ had a lot of nerve telling Nicole that she could be with Brady now that he's in love with Taylor. He did everything he could to keep Nicole and Brady a part, but now that he has found his "soulmate", Nicole is supposed to go running back to Brady.  If that wasn't gracious enough, he is going to allow her to see the kids.  Wasn't that nice of him?

Caroline was no one to judge Fake Rafe for cheating on Sami.  Caroline knows first hand what it is like to be in Fake Rafe's position since she did the same thing to Shawn with Victor.

We don't see why the writers had to let Chloe came between Victor and Maggie.  The writers must not have any faith in Victor and Maggie as a couple since they gave them problems already.

Are we supposed to feel sorry for EJ and Taylor because they can't be together?  If we are, it's not working for us  They are a couple that shouldn't be together.  WE really don't feel sorry for EJ.  He didn't care what Nicole wanted when she wanted to be with Brady, but now that he wants to be with Taylor's she's supposed to go away.

Taylor was upset with EJ for not divorcing Nicole.  She had a lot of nerve.  If she were so bold, she could have told Nicole herself that she wanted to be with EJ.  She didn't have to wait for EJ to say something.  Taylor must think she will remain the good one if EJ is the one who breaks up with Nicole.

Page updated 5/18/12

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