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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

4/25/11 - 4/29/11

Lexie blamed Hope for Ciara running away with Theo. Lexie acted as if Hope made Ciara run away.  No one forced Theo to go with Ciara so Lexie shouldn't blame Hope for it.  Lexie acted as if Hope wasn't suffering too.  In case Lexie forgot, Hope's child is missing too.

Melanie is a snake. She told Brady that she married Philip for money.  She must have forgotten that she actually loved him once.  Now that he's gone, she suddenly married him for money.  what a perfect way to spit on her marriage.

Why was Victor so against Chloe staying with Maggie now when Chloe stayed with Maggie before?  Victor still spoke to Maggie then yet he gave Maggie an ultimatum now that she decided to help Chloe.

Brady must be a saint since he was defending Chloe to Melanie.  It must have slipped his mind that Chloe ripped him a new one when she thought he was with Melanie.  He must be forgiving to certain people because he has no problem being unforgiving to Victor.

Tamara Braun debuted as Taylor this week.  There wasn't even an announcement to let the audience know that Natalia Livingston was gone.  Hopefully Tamara Braun will do a better job than the last actress.

Maggie and Melanie got in an argument about Chloe.  Melanie was upset with Maggie for defending Chloe.  Melanie shouldn't be surprised that Maggie would defend Chloe since she's done it before.  Maggie also defended Melanie when everyone hated her not too long ago.

EJ should have been with Lexie when he found out that Theo was missing.  She is his sister, but he let Bo and Abe keep him from going to Lexie.  Then he made a crack about Theo running away when Stefano told him that he picked the wrong time to run away.  Lexie would have never done that to him if Sydney or Johnny were missing.

Bo finally found Ciara and Theo.  Well he found them with Fake Rafe's help.  Fake Rafe was in the woods with his car when Ciara and Theo showed up.  Since Fake Rafe had problems with Theo, it gave Bo time to find the kids.  It was such a tender moment between Bo and Ciara.  There was also a tender moment with Hope and Ciara.  The only problem we have with this story ending is the fact that Bo and Hope probably won't be shown again until their alleged big story happens.

Nicole should join Salem P.D. because she can figure out anything with little to no evidence.  She figured out that Rafe was in the DiMera basement based on DNA evidence that Vivian threw in the garbage.  Vivian didn't even think Rafe was in the basement, yet Nicole was able to put two and two together.  No wonder Vivian wanted to go to Nicole for help.

Why would EJ and Taylor kiss in the living room?  They should have kissed in Taylor's room or went somewhere private.  Why take the risk of kissing in a room that Nicole is always in when she's there?

Why did Jennifer care that Daniel "kissed" Carly if she considered Daniel a friend?  Since she was trying to get them together, that should have been a good thing. 

Why does Dario have to look for a job?  What happened to the job he had before?  After he tried to steal the necklace from Melanie, he got a job which was why he had money.  Now all of a sudden he needed a job.

Jennifer told Daniel that she liked him and they kissed.  They don't want to risk losing their friendship.  Maybe they will make a nice couple.  We won't get too used to them being together because we know that Jack will be back as soon as Daniel and Jennifer get closer.  That is usually when the writers decide it's time to bring Jack back.

Who was Nicole to judge Taylor for being with EJ when Nicole did the same thing to Taylor?  Years ago, Nicole stole Eric from Taylor.  Maybe this is Nicole's karma for what she did to Taylor.

Page updated 5/18/12

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