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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

4/18/11 - 4/22/11

Are we supposed to believe that Chloe would suddenly turn into an alcoholic?  It is always something with her.  Why would she drink when sheís taking medication?  That doesnít seem like someone who wanted to prove that sheís a good mother.

Maybe itís just us, but Dario makes it easy to root for Fake Rafe whenever they have arguments with each other.  They had another argument just before Fake Rafe was about to leave.  Dario climbed on his high horse about Rafe not caring about Arianna as if he was ever around himself.  We were glad that Fake Rafe told him that he was there for Arianna when he wasnít.  It served Dario right.

Ciara told Theo that she was never going home again so her parents could be happy.  It would have made more sense for her to talk to her parents about their situation than to run away.  You could clearly tell that she is a little kid based on the way she thinks.

It was strange to hear Stefano talking about Ciara being a bad influence on Theo.  Stefano is one of the most maniacal people on the show so he was no one to judge Ciara.

How convenient was it that the pastor at Fayís funeral thought that Taylor and EJ were a couple?  Moist likely EJ was sitting with Nicole during the funeral so why would he think that EJ and Taylor were together?  Strangers always seem to make that same mistake with people.

How many times does Taylor have to say that she canít be close to EJ before she actually means it?  She tells him that every week and every week sheís close to him.  No wonder EJ doesnít take what she says seriously.  We wouldnít either if we were EJ.

Kate was able to get one up on Chloe.  Chloe was drunk and called Kate.  Chloe said she would take Parker and leave town.  What Chloe didnít know was Kate recorded the conversation.  Kate rushed to play it for Philip.  Chloe asked for that because she shouldnít have said the things she said.

It certainly didnít take Chloe long to sober up when Philip confronted her about her threat to take Parker out of town.  She should have stayed sober and she wouldnít have had to worry about losing Parker.  She needs to stop thinking about herself for a change.  We know that is a stretch for her.

The writers gave Philip a bad send off.  He left town without any fan fare.  We didnít expect them to throw a party or anything like that, but we didnít think he would leave the way he did.  He wanted to take Parker out of Salem to think things through.

If Daniel didnít tell Jennifer about the way she ate a hamburger, you could forget that she had heart surgery.  She gets along pretty well for someone who had major surgery.

Why would Adrienne by happy that Jennifer could be interested in Daniel?  Did Adrienne forget that Jennifer is still married or was married to her brother?  We know that Adrienne and Jack arenít that close, but heís still her brother.  Is Adrienne secretly a Horton since she has no loyalty?

Victor and Maggie made it official that they are a couple.  We figured they were a couple already.  It was nice to see them talking about their relationship instead of jumping into an instant relationship.

Why didnít the guard outside of Troyís room stop the fight between Brady and Dario?  Who knows what would have happened if Daniel didnít show up?  Guess he wanted to watch the fight.

Page updated 5/18/12

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