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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

4/4/11 - 4/8/11

Sami needs to make up her mind about "Rafe".  She was furious with him when she found out that Fake Rafe gave Johnny fighting lessons, but she defended Fake Rafe when EJ was upset about it.

Why did Sami feel this need to tell EJ about "Rafe's" medical condition?  It was none of EJ's business what was going on with her "husband".

What is the point of keeping Justin and Adrienne on the show if the writers don't want to use them?  They planned on eloping since their sons can't make it to the wedding.  Who know they were making wedding plans since they are shown once a month.

How did Daniel know that Melanie was in to money when she first came to Salem?  Daniel didn't know Melanie back then so how did he know that all she cared about was money.

It's too bad Melanie let Dario guilt her into finding Arianna's killer.  She had access to money since Arianna's death since she was with Philip at the time of Arianna's death so she could have been put up the money to find the killer.  It's nice that she wants to do it now, but she didn't have to wait until Dario made her feel like dirt before she did something about Arianna's death.

Victor was right about Brady. He does seem to think that doing something good with the Titan money justifies taking the company from Victor.  Donating the children's hospital in Isabella's name doesn't change what he did to Victor.

Why does Abby have such a vendetta against the DiMeras?  She was defending them when Jennifer said she didn't want her around Chad because he is a DiMera.  When did Abby change her mind?  She must have forgotten that Lexie is a DiMera too. 

Why was it hard for Fay to talk?  Carly and Daniel didn't say that Fay would have trouble speaking so we didn't understand why she could only say a couple of words.  Of course the words she able to say weren't the important ones.

Sami finally opened her eyes to Fake Rafe's behavior. It certainly took long for her to start to suspect something wasn't right with him.  We know that she didn't figure out that he's not the same Rafe, but at least she's starting to suspect something isn't right.

Taylor thinks a lot of himself.  She was under the impression that EJ could think about Nicole and the kids if she were gone.  She has a huge ego to think that she's so wonderful that EJ needed her gone in order to be a devoted husband and father.

Why didn't Maxine make Fake Rafe take off the mask he was wearing?  He was dressed up like a doctor so he could kill Fay.  She caught him, but she didn't make him take off the mask.  No wonder everyone can pretend to be doctors in the hospital.

Why was Carly so obsessed with Nicholas now that she lost Bo?  She didn't think about Nicholas when she was wrapped up in Melanie and Bo.  She tried to blame it on Lawrence, but she should have taken some of the blame too.

Page updated 5/18/12

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