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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

3/21/11 - 3/25/11

Why did Carly suddenly think of being buried alive when she saw Vivian at Java Cafe?  She has seen her since then and she didn't flash back to being buried alive.

Stephanie has a huge ego problem.  When she found out Nathan was leaving Salem to take the fellowship in Baltimore, she made it all about herself.  Nathan couldn't want to leave to get away from everything.  It had to be because of her.

Vivian messed up when she told Carly that Bo left her for Hope again.  Carly was the one who broke up with Bo.  It was not the other way around.  Also, when they broke up, Carly left him for Lawrence and Bo eventually dated Billie so when did Bo dump Carly again?

Nathan must have thought a hug was going to soften the blow of how he verbally kicked her in the gut.  He told her he should have fought harder for Melanie instead of wasting his time convincing himself that he loved her.  He regretted saying that, but the damage was done.

If Dario was so upset about Arianna's death, why didn't he got o her memorial?  You would think that he would want to say goodbye to his sister.  They couldn't have been as close as we are supposed to believe.

Sami will tell anyone who will listen about her problems with "Rafe".  If she feels that strongly about "Rafe", she could leave him.  The people who keep listening to her problems are sick of being her psychiatrist.

Melanie must have known Dario was right about her when he was upset with her for not finding Arianna's killer.  She knows that she only mentioned Arianna never talking about him because he was right.  Melanie all but forgot about Arianna until Dario mentioned her.

"Rafe" must be sicker than he thought to get smart with Stefano. When Stefano wanted to end the plan, "Rafe" refused to do it.  Stefano wasn't happy with "Rafe" must not realize that Stefano isn't a pushover.  Did he forget what Stefano did to Rafe?

Victor and Maggie are finally a step closer to getting together.  Hopefully things will work out for them.  Victor is going to make sure that he walks the straight and narrow because she will dump him in a heartbeat.

EJ is so jealous.  He had a mini temper tantrum over the fact that Johnny likes "Rafe".  You would think he would be happy that Johnny feels safe with a criminal.  He doesn't know what he wants.

Daniel made it seem as if candy striping isn't work.  Just because Jennifer wasn't getting paid to volunteer didn't mean she wasn't doing important work.

We loved seeing the pictures of Bo and Hope from back in the day.  We always enjoy going down memory lane with Bo and Hope.  It reminds us of the good times between them.  We hope there will be more good times for them.

The pill that Sami slipped in "Rafe's" coffee must be a truth serum because he almost spilled the beans to Sami that he was an imposter and not the real Rafe.  Luckily for him, she wasn't able to put the pieces together about what he was trying to say.

We felt bad for Ciara when she thought Bo and Hope broke up because of her.  She told Theo that she wanted to run away to keep her parents from breaking up.  It was so cute when Theo offered to go with her.

Maybe it's just us, but we are not feeling this so-called love between EJ and Taylor.  They can make it seem as if they have this undying love between them, but we don't see it.  You would think that there would be excitement between them since EJ is married to Taylor's sister, but they have about as much spark as a wet match.

Jennifer was curious as to why Abby would be friends with a DiMera.  Did Jennifer forget that she's friends with a DiMera?  Once upon a time she used to be best friends with Lexie.  Guess Jennifer isn't friends with Lexie.

Page updated 5/18/12

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