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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

3/14/11 - 3/18/11

Gabi needs to control her temper.  She attacked Kinsey because she had her earrings.  Gabi's lucky Bo was able to talk Kinsey out of pressing charges against her.

It's amazing that Sami can only hear selective things that "Rafe" says.  She overheard him telling Johnny to have a fight and was furious with him.  She never hears anything he says to EJ or Stefano.

Sami doesn't know what she wants. When she was upset with "Rafe" for telling Johnny to fight, she called Johnny "her" son, but she got upset when "Rafe" called him "her" son.  "Rafe" just can't win with Sami.  She gets upset with everything he does.

Bo shouldn't have had to defend himself to Daniel about his relationship with Carly.  Daniel went to the police station to confront Bo about it.  Carly was the one who dumped Bo so he shouldn't have to had to defend himself.  Besides, it wasn't that long ago when Daniel was ready to write Carly off himself.

Why hasn't Brandon come back to town if Fay is so sick?  It looks as if he doesn't care about his mother's condition.  You would think that Nicole or Taylor would call him and let him know what was going on with Fay.

Now EJ wants to get rid of Rafe.  He was the one who wanted this plan in the first place, but now he wants Rafe gone.  It was strange that Stefano had more concern for Rafe than EJ did.

Melanie and Dario had quite the meeting. He tried to steal her necklace from her.  She was able to catch him before he stole the necklace.  We know this is the writers' attempt at giving Melanie and Dario a "meet cute".  We have a feeling that the writers are going to put them together eventually.

Why does Chad always meet Lexie at the hospital?  Why doesn't he ever go to her house to talk to her?  Surely the woman goes home so he could have spoken to her there.  Anyway, Lexie reassured Chad that he is a wonderful person and the family accepts him.  He seemed to be happy with that knowledge.

Philip got Chloe opera tickets.  That was nice of him to do that for her.  It's a shame that the writers missed the mark by not putting them back together.  Now that Jay Kenneth Johnson is leaving the show, there's no hope of them reuniting.

What is with Nicole?  One minute she hates Taylor and the next she's kissing up to her.  Maybe the writers had Nicole have this change of heart about Taylor so it would be that much worse if Nicole finds out that Taylor loves EJ.  Other than that, we don't get this need for Nicole to sing Taylor's praises.

Why was Gabi so shocked that "Rafe" wouldn't rush to keep Dario out of jail?  Stefano said that Rafe and Dario hated each other so naturally "Rafe" wasn't going to do everything he could to keep Dario out of jail.

Daniel went to see Chloe at the Kiriakis mansion to tell her that he was filing for divorce.  She was glad that he told her in person.  He told her that he wanted her to be happy and she was going to be okay.  Who know? Maybe these two could end up being friends.

"Rafe" got a harsh warning from Stefano about crossing him.  Stefano told "Rafe" that he got rid of Rafe.  He warned "Rafe" that he gets rid of people who displease him.  Guess that is a warning to "Rafe" to do what Stefano wants or else he will be sent away too.  We wouldn't be upset if that happened.

Jennifer questioned why Chloe would go to another man instead of Daniel.  She shouldn't be surprised that Chloe would have turned to another man since she did the same thing to Lucas.  She turned to another man then instead of talking to Lucas.  Chloe is a repeat offender when it comes to affairs.

Why was it Taylor's business whether EJ loves Nicole?  She probably thinks it will ease her conscience if EJ didn't love Nicole when she inevitably goes after him.  She was like a baby Nicole (a day with a bone) when she questioned EJ's love for Nicole.  She acted as if it was her right to know how EJ felt about Nicole.

Why did it take Dario coming to Salem for the writers to remember that Arianna was hit by a car?  There was no mention of the accident until now.  We wonder if they really will solve the case.  We doubt that it will be solved anytime soon.

The writers rewrote Jack's history.  When Abby was talking to Chad about the DiMeras being criminals, she said that her father wasn't involved in any crimes.  Unless she doesn't know about it, her father is a criminal.  He raped Kayla years ago.

Taylor had a funny way of showing that she cares for Nicole.  She kissed EJ a few times.  She kept saying it was wrong, but she kept doing it.  She did end up slapping him, but the damage was done.

Page updated 5/18/12

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