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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

3/7/11 - 3/11/11

Nicole has an ego the size of Salem.  She thought that Brady hired Taylor because of her.  He couldn't have hired her because she was qualified for the job.  He had to be harboring feelings for her and had to hire Taylor because of it.

Speaking of Taylor, we noticed that she had an attitude with EJ.  Did she really expect him to walk away from Nicole because of a few stolen glances on the pier?  Give us a break.  That is not exactly the making of a love story.

Watching Taylor fight with EJ about Brady's job offer made us realize something.  They have zero sparks in the chemistry department.  They have no chemistry at all and watching them fight was about as interesting as reading the ingredients on a tube of toothpaste.

What was wrong with Stefano?  Did he really think that Rafe would have really admitted that he still had his memory?  We don't believe that Rafe has memory loss so we know that he wouldn't tell Stefano so he could wipe out his memory again.

Nathan also has an ego the size of Salem since he thought that Melanie only loved Philip a little and loved him a lot.  He has become so arrogant now and he needs to be knocked off his high horse immediately.

Why would Abby want Jennifer to be with Daniel after what he did to Lucas?  Lucas is Jennifer's brother so you would think Abby wouldn't want her to be with Daniel.  It's a shame that the Hortons don't know how to be loyal to their family.

We loved the look on Nathan's face when Melanie turned down his marriage proposal.  He just assumed that Melanie was going to jump at the chance to marry him, but he was wrong.

Bo, Hope, and Carly had a really awkward moment this week.  Carly showed up at the police station and saw Bo.  Hope saw them together and took it pretty well.  It seemed like an awkward moment for Bo to see his wife and ex-girlfriend together.  Bo did the only thing he could do.  He walked out of the line of fire.

Speaking of Carly and Hope, it was nice to see them getting along.  Carly actually told Hope that Bo made the right choice by choosing her.  We didn't think that Carly would actually admit that Hope was the better choice for Bo.  We doubt that she meant that, but it was nice to hear her say it.

It's funny how Fay was okay with missing Nicole's wedding, but she showed up when something was wrong with her.  We think that Fay knew that Nicole would help her and that's why she finally showed up.

Brady had a lot of nerve expecting Victor to be proud of him for taking Titan.  He stole the company from Victor and he has the gall to expect him to be proud.  We can't wait to see what Victor does to him.

For long time fans, it was nice to see Justin proposed to Adrienne.  They only get shown once in a blue moon so the news won't matter to new fans since they don't know their history.  It's a shame that they don't get more air time.

Gabi shouldn't have left her purse unattended and she wouldn't have had her earrings stolen.  That was very careless of her to leave her bag on the table.

Page updated 5/18/12

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