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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

2/21/11 - 2/25/11

Chloe should be more careful with Parker.  She had her back turned while she paid for her food at the pub.  Luckily Philip was the one who saw what she did.  He would be more understanding than Kate.  That type of action is the ammo Kate needs to have Parker taken away from her.

It was so convenient how Nicole managed not to hear EJ tell "Rafe" that he works for him.  She only heard the end of the conversation.  Any other time Nicole is the first one to hear or see something, but she didn't find out anything this time.

Rafe should have waited until he was strong enough  to try and escape the cell.  If he did, Stefano's henchmen wouldn't have been able to get him.  Stefano and EJ also wouldn't want to kidnap Allie if he didn't escape so soon.

Melanie tried to use Philip's love for her to guilt him into telling her that Chloe left Parker alone.  Philip shouldn't have confided in her because it was none of her business that Chloe messed up the way she did.

Are we supposed to believe that EJ had a change of heart about kidnapping Allie?  He was all for taking her from Sami, but now he's having second thoughts about it.  He is the one that put this plan in motion so it's too late for him to change his mind about Allie getting kidnapped.  If he had second thoughts about Allie, why won't he have second thoughts about letting Rafe go?

Melanie should be fired.  She read Chloe's chart and told Kate what was wrong with Chloe.  She had no right to read Chloe's chart or to tell Kate about it.

We were cheering Chloe on when she fought with Melanie about talking about her.  We know that we're supposed to be on Melanie's side, but we are not.  Melanie is no expert on child rearing to judge Chloe for her actions.

We noticed how nasty Will was about visiting Lucas.  Does Will have a problem with Lucas?  Why wouldn't he want to visit his father?

Sami always shows up after "Rafe" has finished treating Allie badly.  She never sees him treating her like dirt.  "Rafe" must have been born under a great sign because he never gets caught for anything.

Leave it to Chloe to desert Nicole because she wasn't up for Nicole's wedding.  Nicole was willing to be there for her and she was being stalked at by the DiMeras at the time.  Chloe isn't as good a friend to Nicole as she expects her to be.

It was so cute watching Bo and Hope with Ciara.  They were bonding and we loved it.  We really do wish that the writers would utilize Bo and Hope more than they do.  We enjoy watching Bo and Hope's scenes and we wish we could see more of them.

Nicole was in love with Brady not too long ago.  Now she is suddenly in love with EJ.  It's obvious that she never cared about Brady after all.

How convenient was it that Roman wasn't able to hear Rafe talking to him on the cell phone?  When Rafe finally does the right thing, it was for nothing.

Why do the writers insist on kissing up to Melanie?  When Chloe attempted suicide, she said Parker needed a good mother like Melanie.  Who says Melanie is such a great mother when she doesn't have any children yet?

It's amazing to us (not in a good way) how Jennifer can be so friendly with Daniel considering what he did to her brother.  You would think that Jennifer would be reluctant to befriend Daniel.

It's about time that EJ and Taylor saw each other and know each other's names.  It took long enough for EJ and Taylor to meet each other considering they live in a small town.

It doesn't say much for Nicole that EJ spent their reception thinking about Taylor.  The wedding was over before it started.

We really enjoyed the playful way that Bo and Hope were with each other. It was so cute to see Hope serve Bo his beer.  The extra icing on the cake was watching Bo and Hope kiss.  It has been a long time since they've kissed each other and it was great to see.

Page updated 5/18/12

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