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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

1/31/11 - 2/4/11

Every time we see EJ on our screen, we want to throw something at him.  He was willing to go through with Stefano's plan to switch Rafe with a lookalike. EJ knows that Rafe was the one who found out the truth about Sydney and Johnny's cancer, but he still wanted to go through with Stefano's plan.  EJ should be ashamed of himself for what he is willing to do to a man who helped his children.

Speaking of Stefano's plan, it was too easy for him to find someone who looks like Rafe.  We know that Stefano can do anything, but that was convenient how he was able to get a lookalike for Rafe so fast.  He just decided to start this plan and he was able to find the lookalike so soon.

Jennifer should stop trying to play amateur detective.  She is supposed to be an investigative reporter, but she was caught by Lee.  Jennifer lied to Lee about wanting to help with what was going on in the prison, but she was caught.  Jennifer thought she was being smart by using her phone behind her, but the phone beeped and Lee heard it.  Maybe Jennifer should consider doing something other than reporting since she was caught so easily.

It was great to hear Bo tell Abe that he wanted to help his wife.  We were ready to jump out of our seats when we heard him call Hope his wife.  We just wish Carly was in the room at the time that he said it.  We would have loved to have seen the look on her face.

Once again we were ecstatic watching Bo and Hope together.  Bo let Hope know that it has been h*ll living without her.  To make it even sweeter, Carly overheard Bo telling Hope how he's been in h*ll without her.  We hope that a reunion is right around the corner.

Melanie should have told Daniel the message that Carly had for him.  She decided to go to the prison instead of telling Daniel what Carly wanted.  Melanie is not a doctor so what did she think she could do at the prison?  Also, she choked when she had the chance to tell Daniel what happened to Jennifer.  Melanie should have stayed at the hospital instead of trying to be Nancy Drew.

The writers are really tempting us with Bo and Hope.  Bo told Hope that she had to be there for Ciara and the people who love her.  Hope wanted to know if that was what he was going to say.  He told her that he wanted her to be there for him too.  Carly had to interrupt them again.  She knows that she is losing Bo so that is why she interrupts every tender moment that they have.

Did we miss something?  When did Stefano tell EJ and Lexie that Chad is his son?  We remember that Stefano wanted to tell EJ, but he never got around to it.  Now Lexie and EJ know that Chad is their brother.  Why did it happen offscreen?

Carly had us cheering on Thursday.  She realized that she and Bo don't have a future and she ended it with him.  She had to be a martyr (again) and "do the right thing", but we are glad this time.  She made it easy for Bo to be with Hope.  We do wish that Bo were the one who ended it with her, but that worked.  Carly probably wanted to beat Bo to dumping her.

We really have to shake our heads at Chloe.  She loved Parker so much while she was with Daniel.  Now that Daniel is out of the picture, she is willing to forget about her baby.  She is a terrible mother.  You would think that she would cherish Parker since he is her miracle baby.

Maggie is such a hypocrite.  Maggie was willing to use Victor's influence when she wanted him to get information about Jennifer.  Maggie constantly comes down on Victor because of his actions, but it was okay for him to use his influence when she wanted something.  Once she had the information she wanted, she was back to judging him again.  Victor should cut his losses and move on from her.

Sami needs to control her tempter.  She flipped out because Nicole took Sydney to get her pictures taken.  It wasn't the big deal that she made it out to be.  If EJ hadn't agreed to let Sami see the kids, she still wouldn't have been able to get the pictures of Sydney.  Sami loves to make a mountain out of a molehill.

It's too bad that no one was around when EJ and the fake Rafe were talking on the pier.  They shouldn't have been talking so loud about the plan.  They also should have been inside instead of in public talking about it.  You would think that EJ would have learned his lesson from when he and Stefano were caught talking about Sydney's kidnapping.

Page updated 5/18/12

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