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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2009 Our Opinion!

Peter Reckell and Crystal Chappell

By Suzanne

Interview/ Conference Call with Peter Reckell (Bo) and Crystal Chappell (Carly) of "Days of Our Lives"

Yesterday I was glad to be able to phone in to a conference call with Peter Reckell (Bo) and Crystal Chappell (Carly). They were great to listen to. Sadly, there was some technical problem that prevented me from asking them any questions. That was very disappointing. These things happens, though. Hopefully I will one day get to speak to them or meet them. They both seemed really nice, humble, and grateful to have so many fans and a good job. They were funny as well. Mostly, they were just very personable and down to earth. This shouldn't be too surprising if you have read Crystal on Twitter or her message board, or seen Peter anywhere. Actually, Peter is just like his character, from the sounds of it. A good, upstanding guy who rides a motorcycle and is very laid-back.

I did want to tell them how much I loved Bo and Carly the first time around, back in the 90's. I thought when Carly left Bo for Lawrence, it was one of the saddest scenes in all of daytime. Watching her on One Life to Live and Guiding Light was awesome, but in some ways Carly will always be my favorite. I am probably one of the few that preferred the couple of Bo and Carly to Bo and Hope. I also wanted to ask them about how they stay in such great shape and what challenges they face as 40-something actors, and I wanted to ask Peter if we would be seeing any more of Bo's psychic powers.

Well, here are the questions that other lucky journalists were able to ask them, and their responses. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did hearing it! They got me excited about watching Days again...
Stay tuned because it looks like NBC is letting me send in some questions for them to answer after all! If they do, I will add them on here.

Moderator: Marsha Rickett November 2, 2009 12:00 pm CT

Coordinator: Hello and welcome to the Days of Our Lives conference call. At the request of NBC this call is being recorded for instant replay purposes. A transcript of the call is also being made. With us on today's call is Crystal Chappell, also on the call is Meredith Fitzpatrick of NBC. You may begin.

Meredith Fitzpatrick: Good morning everybody, this is Meredith Fitzpatrick. With us, as (Tory) just said is Crystal Chappell from Days of Our Lives and hopefully Peter Reckell will be calling in in the next few minutes. But as you all know Days of Our Lives airs on NBC Monday through Friday; check your local listings.

And this weekend we have our very exciting Day of Days Fan Event and hopefully you can all come out to it. If you have any questions for me at the end of the call my number is 818-777-2879. I think we're ready (Tory).

Coordinator: Thank you. To ask a question please press star then 1. To withdraw the question press star then 2. Jim Halterman of

Jim Halterman: Hi Crystal, good morning.

Crystal Chappell: Good morning, how are you?

Jim Halterman: I'm doing great. How are you doing?

Crystal Chappell: I'm really good, thank you.

Jim Halterman: You know, in the time that - since you left Days of Our Lives originally, you know, going to different soaps is there - are each one of them different? Is it a different feel? And how does it feel to be back on the Days set?

Crystal Chappell: Oh, you know, they're all different. I think between my husband I we've done six, seven or eight soaps. Yeah, so every environment is different. But the process is pretty much the same so with the exception of Guiding Light the last year and a half that was very different.

But, yeah, I mean it's all good. It's all what you make of it. And as far as coming back, I mean, I'm thrilled. I'm having probably the best time that I've had in years. It's really, really been fun to play this character again and work with everybody again.

Jim Halterman: Well that's great. And, you know, the soap audiences are changing as far as, you know, Guiding Light going off the air and do you think Internet is kind of the way to go? I mean you're doing your show Venice; is that kind of you think where the future is?

Crystal Chappell: I think daytime will be around for a very long time. I think it's going to have to adapt to the changing, you know, economy and changing viewership. But if it can do that I think it can have a long life. I donít want to see it go away because I find comfort in knowing that they're there to be able to turn on my TV during the day and follow some, you know, my favorite stories.

But, yeah, I mean, with that there's the Internet and that's - that's moveable, that's immediate. You can tune in any time you want. So, yeah, it's a different way to watching, you know, TV shows or shows. I don't know if that answered your question.

Jim Halterman: It did, yeah. Thank you. I'll come back when Peter joins.

Crystal Chappell: I think there's room for everybody. Okay.

Jim Halterman: Okay, thank you.

Coordinator: Mike Hughes with TV America.

Mike Hughes: Hey, tell us a little about Carly and Bo. When you were first on Days what were your first reactions to Bo the character and to Peter Reckell?

Crystal Chappell: You mean 19 years ago when I...

Mike Hughes: Yeah, sure, sure. Because I'm trying to say it's kind of the, you know, because we're returning to this character now.

Crystal Chappell: Well Peter was - Peter's just a kind guy, so, you know, it was very easy to work with him. And I think we have a nice easy energy with each other and learned to trust each very quickly out on set.

And the character of Bo is just that classic, you know, hero. He's the guy you want around. He's the guy you want as a friend and as a romantic partner. And, you know, he's that perfect guy. So...

Mike Hughes: And now you're returning to the show in very imperfect conditions because you need - your help - you've killed someone is that right or tell me the thing that kind of throws you together again.

Crystal Chappell: Yeah, she kills someone.

Mike Hughes: Yeah.

Crystal Chappell: She knifes her husband but let's no - that was really an accident. No, she, yeah, she obviously that's not who she is, she's a doctor, she's someone who saves lives. But so something major - there was a major threat for her to do something like that.

And she knew that Lawrence would be the person to follow through on his threat so the only way she could save someone that she loves is to eliminate him and get out of there.

He basically held her captive so she had to get out of there, it was the only way for her to get out to go find someone to help her protect that person that she's trying to save. So, yeah, Bo and Justin were the two people that she thought of.

Mike Hughes: Yeah. And so returning to Carly and Bo and the situation like this and there's such peril and so forth, I mean, what's that like? What's it like to play the character now?

Crystal Chappell: Well I love that she's come back and she's imperfect. I love that she - she seems to be really, really good at the doctor thing and then just a total loser when it comes to relationships. So I appreciate that about a soap character.

But, yeah, as much as she would like to think that she can handle everything on her own. She needs Bo and knows that they'll come through.

Meredith Fitzpatrick: Hey everyone Peter Reckell is on the call now, just wanted to let you know.

Woman: Okay, Peter is on.

Crystal Chappell: Okay.

Peter Reckell: Hello.

Crystal Chappell: Hello. Hey Peter.

Peter Reckell: Yeah, hey hi.

Crystal Chappell: Crystal.

Peter Reckell: Hey.

Crystal Chappell: Hey.

Peter Reckell: Who we talking with?

Crystal Chappell: Somebody want to fill him in?

Meredith Fitzpatrick: A lot of reporters. We're ready for the next question (Tory).

Coordinator: Alex Davies, the Flash News.

Alex Davies: Hi guys, thanks so much for doing the call with me today.

Peter Reckell: My pleasure.

Crystal Chappell: Sure.

Alex Davies: So first off for Crystal you've mentioned that it's kind of been nice coming back. Has it been really easy to get back into character or have you had to try to kind of work your way back in?

Peter Reckell: Now tell the truth.

Crystal Chappell: Tell the truth, it's hard. You know what it is I wanted to come back but I wanted her to be different. I wanted her to be different so I sort of still finding my legs a little bit although I sort of feel now like I'm getting it. But everyone's so nice and even just working my way back into this format has been kind of jarring because we were on hand-helds for a year and a half on Guiding Light so but everyone's been great.

Alex Davies: Oh that's great. And Peter how has been having her back, this love interest that you have a history without Zach coming back.


Crystal Chappell: Be honest.

Peter Reckell: Yeah, there you go. There's two levels, first of all just Bo and Hope have been together for so long and the writers have found it difficult to make our stories interesting. And bringing Carly back just - the character of Carly back makes it - obviously makes it a lot more exciting and interesting on a lot of new levels that, you know, when Crystal was here before we didn't have, you know, because Hope wasn't here.

And so there's a lot, you know, there's a lot of history with both these women and so it's pretty intense. And then on the other level of, you know, working with an amazing - two amazing actresses it's - it makes my life fun.

Alex Davies: Yeah, I bet. And Crystal are you worried at all of becoming like the most hated woman in America or something because the whole Bo and Hope thing they're so like...


Alex Davies: ...they're Bo and Hope it's like they're so perfect for each other, they've been together for so long and then here you come churning up the pot.

Crystal Chappell: Well first of all who could hate me I mean really, it's just ridiculous talk. No, you know what, I spent ten years on Guiding Light and never getting to die. And I could really - it used to bother me - people used to come up and just say nasty things to me. And I played a nasty character. I mean she was just mean and evil and bitchy.

Peter Reckell: How much fun is that?

Crystal Chappell: So, it was so much fun I guess that's my point is that I'd rather be the girl who loses. I'd rather be, you know, the one who stirs the pot. I have no issue with that whatsoever. And the fans are smart, you know, they're really, really smart; they know that this, you know, ultimately Bo and Hope are going to live happily ever after.

But it gives them stories, it gives them a chance to, you know, watch a great story with their favorite couple.

Peter Reckell: Yeah, it just makes a perfect love story when the circumstances are what stirs the pot; it's the circumstances more than the characters because the, you know, Carly was here when Hope wasn't here. So there's, you know, it's kind of, you know, it brings in a whole different level.

Crystal Chappell: Yeah, Bo and Hope are fighting their way through something anyway. And so it's just the timing of it that all this is happening at this particular time. But it's a good story.

Peter Reckell: Yeah.

Alex Davies: Definitely. Okay great, well thanks so much guys.

Crystal Chappell: Thank you.

Coordinator: Paulette Cohen with ET.

Paulette Cohen: Good morning.

Peter Reckell: Good morning.

Crystal Chappell: Good morning.

Paulette Cohen: For Crystal, you know, last time we saw Carly she had been buried alive.

Crystal Chappell: Oh that.

Paulette Cohen: Are they going to play ramifications of that? And also you just mentioned that her husband was holding her captive so what is it with her that people want to imprison her?

Crystal Chappell: That's a really good question. She's just kind of a wild thing isn't she? I donít know why they want to hold her captive, lock her up in little boxes. We do talk about the buried alive thing. The relationship was Carly and Vivian is so delicious, it's so much fun to do.

And they joke about it, you know, the two of them. So it's certainly going to be discussed. But, you know, they're on to a whole another...

Peter Reckell: Was Vivian responsible for you being buried?

Crystal Chappell: Oh yeah, she's buried me alive.

Peter Reckell: Oh nice. I wasn't aware of that.

Crystal Chappell: Yeah, yeah. And Lawrence dug me up so there you go. I know isn't that funny?


Peter Reckell: ...body bag or something.

Crystal Chappell: No, no. And, you know, it is going to be dealt with but in a humorous way.

Paulette Cohen: Okay. And Peter, you've been on the show quite a while, now do your fans - your current fans remember Carly or what kind of response are you getting from them about this new storyline?

Peter Reckell: I actually was really surprised of the response because the news came out when I went to New York on a - sort of a publicity tour for the Emmys and so I got to speak to a lot of fans and people like yourself. And almost everybody I spoke to was really, really excited about Crystal coming back to the show.

You know, mostly because it would bring some interest to the Bo and Hope storyline.

Paulette Cohen: And isn't Louise back didn't I hear that too?

Peter Reckell: Oh yeah.

Crystal Chappell: Sure.

Peter Reckell: She's been back for a few weeks and she's just as fun as ever.

Paulette Cohen: Okay great. Thanks.

Crystal Chappell: Thank you.

Coordinator: (Kathy Chandel) with

Crystal Chappell: Hi.

Kathy Chandel: Hi there, how are you?

Peter Reckell: Good.

Crystal Chappell: Good, how are you?

Kathy Chandel: You're both such wonderful artists. Both of your characters are very powerful with great leadership qualities and a well conveyed sense of independence. But who is the one person in your opinion who would have the most influence over your character? By that I mean another character.

Peter Reckell: I'm pretty strong headed so probably my daughter because I want the best for her. You know, I want my life to go in a way that will not hurt her. I was just thinking out of my own life on the way here.

Crystal Chappell: Yeah definitely. I don't know, I'll have to figure that out. I'm not quite sure yet who that person would be. I think she's been pretty isolated for a long time so...

Kathy Chandel: So do you think that Carly would turn mostly to Bo for advice or is there anybody else she might turn to?

Crystal Chappell: Sure, I mean, yeah, I think that she, you know, sort of being new to Salem again that he's the person that she would go to because she...

Kathy Chandel: Yeah.

Crystal Chappell: ...knows him and she trusts him and he knows her and she's aware of that, that she can tell him anything. And, yeah, probably, that would be Bo.

Kathy Chandel: Yeah. And for Peter who do you think would be the one person that Bo would turn to for advice?

Peter Reckell: Right now it's kind of cool because there's really nobody. I'm helping Carly so it's - actually today we're doing scenes about that where Iím, you know, Carly comes into town and she's kind of a mess and so I feel good because I can help her but...

Kathy Chandel: Yeah.

Peter Reckell: ...but at the same time I'm frustrated because I usually go to Hope and our - we can't have - we can't talk anymore...

Kathy Chandel: Yeah.

Peter Reckell: right now I'm kind of up in the air, kind of in limbo.

Kathy Chandel: Oh sort of relying on yourself.

Peter Reckell: Yeah.

Kathy Chandel: Yeah but you're such a strong character, I mean, it works.

Peter Reckell: Yeah but we all - no matter how strong we are we need somebody, you know, that go to person and...

Kathy Chandel: Yeah.

Peter Reckell: ...kind of leaning towards Carly right now.

Kathy Chandel: Do you think that Carly and Hope could ever become friends?

Crystal Chappell: Sure.

Kathy Chandel: Yeah.

Peter Reckell: Yeah.

Crystal Chappell: Sure.

Peter Reckell: Both very powerful women and strong characters so, yeah.

Crystal Chappell: They're not...

Peter Reckell: If that Bo guy wasn't around to make...

Crystal Chappell: They'd totally hook up...


Kathy Chandel: He might just be out.

Peter Reckell: Yeah.

Crystal Chappell: Yeah, I mean, it isn't a mean spirited group - there isn't the, you know, the evil interloper, it's just like Peter said it's the circumstances of their lives right now.

Kathy Chandel: Yeah. Okay, thank you very much.

Coordinator: (Navelle Lee) with BuzzWorthy Radio.

Navelle Lee: Hey guys how are you?

Peter Reckell: Couldn't be better.

Crystal Chappell: Good.

Navelle Lee: Good, good, good. Crystal, wonderful having you back on the show. Great to see you back as Carly Manning. And one of the things that always has intrigued about your character is not just the Clary and Bo interactions but also the Carly and Vivian interactions as well.

And one of the things that I'm wondering if you would like to have addressed on the show is I believe Carly has a son, Nicky, right?

Crystal Chappell: She does, yes.

Navelle Lee: Yeah would you like them to maybe have Carly's son come back into the forefront which could kind of elevate more of the Carly and Vivian relationship?


Crystal Chappell: The more the merrier.

Navelle Lee: The more the merrier.

Crystal Chappell: The more the merrier. Yes. Although, you know, at least at this point it's perfect that it's just Carly and Vivian. They have some catching up to do.

Navelle Lee: Oh really?

Crystal Chappell: Yeah. There's some issues to resolve.

Navelle Lee: Yeah, that issue of being very alive. I think they have to settle right?

Crystal Chappell: I know, she's so strange. She must have been (unintelligible) too. That's what I'm thinking. Yeah, it's a really fun relationship, Vivian and Carly. And it's very serious, Vivian is a real threat. So - and, you know, as strong as Carly likes to think she is, you know, she'll start to crumble; she'll start to break down under the pressure and we'll be there to help her.

Navelle Lee: Okay. Very good. And Peter, last time we talked - if I can ask this - I know we talked before about your guest stint on 30 Rock. Do you have any idea who you're playing yet?

Peter Reckell: Oh yeah I'm playing Bo, you know.

Navelle Lee: You are playing Bo?

Peter Reckell: Yeah, it's - yeah. It's - one of the characters on the show 30 Rock likes Days of Our Lives. And so that character turns on Days of Our Lives and they see Bo and Hope do one of their, you know, do a scene.

Navelle Lee: So is it a scene that they specifically written for that episode, it's not...

Peter Reckell: Yeah, yeah.

Navelle Lee: Okay.

Peter Reckell: It's a scene that they wrote for the show. It's kind of tongue in cheek. It's really cute.

Navelle Lee: Oh...

Peter Reckell: Yeah.

Navelle Lee: Looking forward to seeing that. You have any idea when that's going to pop up on our screens over here?

Peter Reckell: Sometimes in the beginning of February I think is when they said it's going to air.

Navelle Lee: Great. Looking out for it.

Peter Reckell: Yeah.

Navelle Lee: Thanks so much guys for taking my call.

Crystal Chappell: Thank you.

Coordinator: Again to ask a question it's star 1. Michael Fairman with

Michael Fairman: Hello.

Peter Reckell: Michael Fairman.

Crystal Chappell: Michael.

Michael Fairman: How are you?


Crystal Chappell: I'm good honey, how are you?

Michael Fairman: I'm good. My first question is for Crystal. So Louise Sorel we saw her first on air, the audience, on Friday ripping up your picture, Carly's picture. Have you actually taped scenes with her yet? And also when you were brought back in and you were going to sign your contract with Days and come back did you know that they were going to bring Vivian back to be a nemesis of yours?

Crystal Chappell: Was it a good picture Michael first of all?

Michael Fairman: What I'd say?

Crystal Chappell: No. Yes, we've had scenes. We've had some really, really great scenes. They're writing it - with a lot of, I mean, it's intense. But there's humor in it too. So it's - these are two - these are - they're good adversaries, you know, they're both strong women and, you know, Carly has got a murder under her belt so she's...


Crystal Chappell: Oh that silly murder. So she's not the same woman that she was. So it's a pretty evenly matched relationship. And no I didn't know - I didn't know - I signed my contract in June and then Louise called me, I don't know, four weeks later or something like that, six weeks later and said they want me to come back.

And that was great, it's like perfect, you know. And especially I knew what the beginning of the story was so it made sense that Vivian would come back and, you know, avenge her nephew's death.

Michael Fairman: And also you had scenes with Galen Gering when you helped him - medically helped him. Could we see that possibly she might become involved with his character as well?

Crystal Chappell: Well one can hope Michael.

Michael Fairman: I know, one can only hope for you. All the men...

Crystal Chappell: He's just so ugly, God help us. I don't just poor thing; poor thing. Yes, I mean, I actually have scenes this week where we cross paths again. I don't know where it's going to go but...

Michael Fairman: Right.

Crystal Chappell: ...they'll be friends.

Michael Fairman: They'll be friends, okay, in quotes.

Crystal Chappell: I don't know what's going to happen. I don't know, I have no clue.

Michael Fairman: And Peter, you've got Crystal back and - Kristian back and what do you think - previewing Bo's kind of thoughts - would he let himself truly - would he ever admit to himself he's truly fallen in love back with Carly or will that be really hard for him to do if that comes to that because of Hope? Would he allow himself to feel what he's going to feel? Is he going to be all conflicted and not know what to do eventually?

Peter Reckell: Oh yeah, it's a perfect soap opera story. There's all that conflict and turmoil and, you know, which direction do I go because, you know, when Carly was around before Hope wasn't around so I'd let myself, you know, I totally fell in love with her.

So the - it's a huge - between a rock and a hard place - my problem here. You know, the fact that Bo and Hope are having problems makes me and Bo lean, you know, obviously the feelings for Carly just start to come up.

Michael Fairman: And then for both of you, you played - how long were you on with Crystal, the time you were on, and then Robert Kelso Kelly was on, right, so there was like a whole - did you guys have to figure out like what you were - where you were in the story with each other or the past when you were going back to these characters?

Peter Reckell: Oh yeah.

Crystal Chappell: I'm still confused.

Michael Fairman: I'm confused.

Peter Reckell: And I've actually got a DVD sitting here on my desk reminding me of what our relationship was. You know, it was the whole wedding ceremony down in Chichen Itza and stuff.

Michael Fairman: Right.

Peter Reckell: So it was pretty intense. So, yeah, it's powerful stuff.

Michael Fairman: Well thank you guys.

Peter Reckell: Thank you.

Coordinator: Mike Hughes with TV America.

Mike Hughes: Hey Peter I'm calling from - back your old place in Lansing, Michigan.

Peter Reckell: Oh hi. How you doing?

Mike Hughes: Hi. Good, good. So I just wanted you to reflect on that because I read about how this coming weekend you're going to be at that fan event. And I remember way back when you came back and did a hometown concert and one girl drove 650 miles from Montreal to see the concert and so forth.

So if you could kind of reflect on first those early days and nowadays too as far as what - what are the fan reactions like? What kinds of reactions do you get when you just meet them at random like this?

Peter Reckell: Well I've been very fortunate, you know, it's changed over the years because at first everybody's screaming Bo, Bo, Bo and now it's, you know, I've been around for so long that people now know my name and so they say Peter, hey, Peter and stuff.

And that - I have such fond memories of that event that my mom kind of helped put together and, I don't know, I've just been very fortunate. I donít know if Crystal has experienced this but the fans of Days of Our Lives are very passionate and loyal and they've put up with an awful lot over the last years but I think the show has really come together in this last few months to give them what they like.

And so a lot of the fans that had left the show from the 80s and 90s are starting to come back and loving the kind of show that we're giving them.

Mike Hughes: Yeah, it's interesting to get an Emmy nomination after playing this guy for so long. That's cool. First of all what was your first reaction when they first gave you the Bo character. What did you - because he was so different from TV standards then. And how is it that you think he's evolved into this character now that, you know, has different layers so on and so on?

Peter Reckell: Well in the beginning I was just a naÔve actor doing what I do and thrilled to have a job. And, you know, dove into it head first and did everything I could and just - and just having a blast.

And the thing is is it really hasn't changed that much, you know. I know the system a little better obviously these days. But the work we do it's the same thing, I mean, you know, we go in and just play and have a great time.

You know, Crystal coming back we're building a new relationship here because obviously we're more mature characters and actors and so the love relationship we had 10, 12, whatever many years ago it was is obviously, you know, going to be on a whole different level.

So it's, you know, we - I think Crystal coming back, man, we get to go in and have a blast.


Crystal Chappell: A lot of fun, a lot fun.

Mike Hughes: And just real briefly do you get to sing in public much anymore and how often do you ride your bike to work and how long does it take you to do that?

Peter Reckell: Well on the first part of that, once I married Kelly and found out what real singers are and what real musicians are like I sort of went...

Mike Hughes: Yeah.

Peter Reckell: ...yeah, I had fun with that but I guess I'll just stick to the acting thing because I'm - I do a little better with that. And riding my bike, I don't do it quite as much. I had a pretty bad accident a couple years ago riding to work actually. So that part I stick to riding my mountain bike on the weekends and if I get lucky I'll get out for a couple times during the week but it's only like once a week now that it ride my bicycle into work.

Mike Hughes: Okay cool. Yeah, thanks a lot and hey I still think you have a terrific voice.

Peter Reckell: Thank you, appreciate it.

Crystal Chappell: Thanks.

Coordinator: For any final questions that's star 1. One moment for our next question. Sarah Bible with Fancast.

Sarah Bible: Hi. I would like - this is a question for Peter. How would you characterize the differences between Bo's relationship with Carly and Bo's relationship with Hope like overall?

Peter Reckell: Well the Bo Hope, you know, that whole relationship started when we were both pretty young. And it's kind of a first love - the depth and, you know, weight that that carries. And then the Carly relationship, you know, it was more of adult relationship and, you know, it's kind of really. I guess that's it, you know, there's the first love and then there's the love that comes after that.

Sarah Bible: And for Crystal which fan base is harder core - the Days fans or the (Italia)...

Crystal Chappell: Oh you're going to get me to answer that question.


Peter Reckell: ...happening today.

Crystal Chappell: Yeah, it's not going to happen. I will say this, I'm very aware of how passionate the Days fans are. And what better fan to have than a passionate fan; you want that fan base. The (Italia) fans are incredibly loyal and supportive. And I'm just happy to have fans damn it.

Peter Reckell: And they seem to have all followed you over to this show which is cool.

Crystal Chappell: They're all - they're all terrific so, you know, I'm just happy to be here and, yeah. I'm happy.

Sarah Bible: Since Lawrence is played by your real life husband, Michael Sabatino, what was it like killing him on camera?

Crystal Chappell: Well, you know, dreams - no I'm not going to say that. You know, it's weird - it was so weird. It was weird. And, you know, it was one of those things where you go, oh, of course, you know, it's nothing that ever crossed my mind but he was such a good sport about it because I completely stuck a plastic blade into his gut and totally missed the stunt pad.

And - but no it was weird. And I would never let my kids - if my kids saw that that would just scar them for life so mommy killing daddy. That's terrible.

Sarah Bible: One brief final question; the rumors are the show has been renewed which is wonderful. Can you comment on that?

Peter Reckell: Wa-hoo.

Crystal Chappell: Yeah, I've heard the rumor, is it true?

Sarah Bible: I was hoping you guys could verify because I...

Crystal Chappell: I know nothing.

Peter Reckell: That's the first I heard so.

Crystal Chappell: I've heard rumors but I know nothing.

Peter Reckell: Cool.

Sarah Bible: Great, well thank you for your time.

Crystal Chappell: Thank you.

Peter Reckell: Thank you.

Coordinator: (Sherry Montaneri) with

Sherry Montaneri: Hey, thanks for having me.

Crystal Chappell: Sure.

Sherry Montaneri: I just want to ask a general question about the medium overall. I think Peter, you have played a top cop, Crystal you've played the top doc, do you ever think that you - oh God Iím star struck here...

Crystal Chappell: Sweet.

Sherry Montaneri: Do you ever, you know, just go in and say could this really happen in the real world? And then for my second question I would just like to know one thing you think that never happens on a soap that happens routinely in real life.

Peter Reckell: Well, let me start with - I never mix up reality with what we do on TV. And it never really - it doesn't even come into my thought process about reality and what we do here on the show; it's, you know, they're obviously two very, very different things.

So and that gives me the freedom to just be human and the only reality is as far as I'm concerned is just the reality of being a human being. But the circumstances and the things that we do reality doesn't come into my consciousness.

Sherry Montaneri: Oh well sure.

Crystal Chappell: You know, I've kissed more people - my baseline career, it's weird being an actor sometimes, you know. But, yeah, it's all suspended beliefs and that's what makes it fun. You know, we touch upon little real things, you know, relationship...

Sherry Montaneri: Oh definitely...

Crystal Chappell: ...conflict, love...

Sherry Montaneri: Definitely.

Crystal Chappell: All of it, it's heightened, it's distorted and, you know, hopefully makes for better story than real life.

Sherry Montaneri: Exactly. And I thank you both and I'm sorry I just lost it here for a second.

Crystal Chappell: Oh please you're very sweet. No worries.

Sherry Montaneri: Okay thank you.

Crystal Chappell: Bye, bye.

Coordinator: Linda Marshall-Smith with

Linda Marshall-Smith: Hi guys, how are you doing today?

Peter Reckell: Good.

Crystal Chappell: Thank you.

Linda Marshall-Smith: I have a question for both of you, maybe Crystal you can go first. If you had your wish and you let your imagination run away with you, something that I actually try not to do unless there's a dinner in it first, but anyway, let your imagination run away with you and if you had your way what would you like to see happen for Carly coming up over the next six months or so?

Crystal Chappell: Oh, I don't know. I, you know, I like telling a love story. And, you know, with real good conflict and - I don't know maybe some adventure. I wouldn't mind going back to Mexico and shooting there.

Peter Reckell: Dreamer.

Crystal Chappell: I have a big budget right, in my imagination. Huge budget, so, yeah, I mean, I would love to go on some kind of location and do some kind of adventure story. It'd be a blast.

Linda Marshall-Smith: Sounds great. How about you Peter, what would you do?

Peter Reckell: Right along the same lines, you know, we used to do some pretty outstanding things when we could go out on locations and stuff, I mean, for example the Bo and Carly thing going to Chichen Itza, that was like what the heck. I've had some great adventures while working. So, yeah, something like that would be astounding, yeah.

Linda Marshall-Smith: Well maybe my husband could help you out, he's a location manager on NBC's Chuck coming up back on the air pretty soon so...

Peter Reckell: Well congratulations, good for him.


Linda Marshall-Smith: ...for a living. And one last question, if you guys have any shout-outs to your fans what would you like to say to them or share with them about your, you know, current Carly and Bo storyline? Crystal, why don't you go first.

Crystal Chappell: Oh, you know, I'm just - I'm so grateful for their support and just how lovely and passionate they are.

Peter Reckell: Oh I think, come on by on November - or next weekend and say hey, that would be perfect.

Crystal Chappell: Yeah.

Peter Reckell: You know, talking to the fans is really, really great. And to look in their eyes and see them one on one and hear what they have to say it's great so come on by.

Linda Marshall-Smith: Cool. Thank you.

Crystal Chappell: Thanks.

Coordinator: (Lynn Griffin), Sub Town USA.

Lynn Griffin: Hi Crystal, hi Peter.

Peter Reckell: Hello.

Lynn Griffin: How are you?

Crystal Chappell: Good, thank you.

Lynn Griffin: Crystal, how would you describe Carly when you played her before and how would you describe her now?

Crystal Chappell: Oh she - before, you know, she was younger, I think tightly wound and just (unintelligible), I don't think she had a real good sense of who she was other than the doctor thing. You know, she only used that part of her brain.

But now it's, you know, she's kind of had years of life experience, raised a child and just ended up in a very, very bad marriage and so she's a little harder around the edges. And she also has a sense of humor about it so it's much looser, a much more fun experience for me this time around.

Lynn Griffin: Yeah. Peter, basically the same question for you; you played Bo all this time, how would you describe Bo now as opposed to the renegade that you started playing him as?

Peter Reckell: Yeah, back then, you know, when I came back to the show a couple years ago and Bo was a cop I was like what the - that's the furthest thing from my mind; I never thought Bo would be a cop, you know, because his relationship with Roman was Roman was the cop and the white knight and rebelled against that and here I am a cop and now I'm one of the top cops. And it's like what the heck? How did I get here?

And but it's been a natural progression. And, you know, maturing, having a family and being responsible but there's still the - I think that renegade is still in there. And I'm hoping and thinking that with this storyline with Carly that that might come out a little bit more again.

Lynn Griffin: Yeah. That sounds good. And that's all I have.

Peter Reckell: Okay.

Lynn Griffin: Thank you for speaking to me.

Peter Reckell: Thank you.

Lynn Griffin: All right.

Coordinator: Courtney Potter with

Courtney Potter: Hi guys.

Peter Reckell: Hello.

Courtney Potter: I just have a quick little question for both of you. Now that it's already November which is kind of crazy and Thanksgiving is coming up what are you guys most thankful for this year?

Crystal Chappell: Oh, wow, I have a great family. And I'm - got lots of work.

Courtney Potter: That's always good.

Crystal Chappell: Well, no, especially these days where people are really, really struggling I've got just an embarrassment of riches in my life and I'm hugely thankful for that.

Courtney Potter: That's fabulous, Peter.

Peter Reckell: Pretty much the same thing, yeah. My little girl just turned two last weekend and I've got a beautiful talented loving wife and I've got a job that is exciting and I love. So, you know, life couldn't be any better.

Courtney Potter: Well that's fantastic. Thanks you guys.

Peter Reckell: Thank you.

Crystal Chappell: Thanks, good one.

Meredith Fitzpatrick: We have time for two more questions.

Coordinator: I'm showing no questions at this time.

Meredith Fitzpatrick: Okay thanks. Anything else you guys want to add, Peter, Crystal?

Peter Reckell: Was it Saturday?

Meredith Fitzpatrick: It's this Saturday...


Crystal Chappell: ...from 10:00 to 5:00 right at Universal.

Meredith Fitzpatrick: Yeah.

Crystal Chappell: Be there.

Peter Reckell: Come on by, we're going to have fun.

Crystal Chappell: Yeah.

Meredith Fitzpatrick: Awesome. Thanks so much for being on the call you guys and if anyone has any further questions this is Meredith Fitzpatrick and I can be reached at 818-777-2879. Thanks everyone. Thanks (Tory).

Crystal Chappell: Thank you. Bye.

Meredith Fitzpatrick: Bye everybody.

Peter Reckell: Bye.

Meredith Fitzpatrick: Have a great day.

Coordinator: And thank you for participating on today's conference, you may disconnect at this time.

Peter Reckell and Crystal Chappell of "Days of our Lives" are available to discuss the "Day of Days" fan event on Nov. 7 and the exciting storyline on the show now that Carly is back.

Below are their bios, show format, Bo & Carly storyline info as well as info on the fan event.

Days of our Lives

"Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives." For over one-third of a century, those words have introduced and underscored one of daytime drama's rare mainstays. NBC's "Days of our Lives," which will turn 44 in November 2009, first premiered as a half-hour drama in 1965 and 10 years later expanded to an hour . Today, it remains a consistent favorite among viewers of daytime television serials.

Bo & Carly storyline

Carly (Crystal Chappell) has just returned to Salem after having killed her husband. She runs into Bo (Peter Reckell) who says he will help her if she tells him everything.


Who: Cast of Days of our Lives!

When: Saturday, Nov. 7, from 10a-5pm

Where: CityWalk, Universal Studios Hollywood

What: Meet & Greet with the stars, Q & A, raffles, sneak preview of an upcoming episde and more!


More info at: 


Crystal returns to "Days of our Lives" to reprise the role of "Dr. Carly Manning."

For the past 10 years, Crystal has portrayed Olivia Spencer on Guiding Light In 2002, she won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series and received other nominations for the same role in 2005 as well as 2006. She garnered great attention and acclaim for her extraordinary performance in Guiding Light's "Otalia" storyline, in which two women unexpectedly come to realize they have fallen in love. Crystal also starred as Maggie Carpenter on One Life To Live Her myriad of fans continue to follow and support this versatile and talented actress in any of her endeavors.

Although Crystal is most appreciative of her awards and recognition, her proudest achievements are her sons Jacob Walker and Dylan Michael Sabatino.

Crystal has also enjoyed starring on prime television including a guest-starring role on Pensacola, Wings of Gold with James Brolin, Silk Stalkings and one of the top rated episodes of Poltergeist, to name a few.

Crystal's acting training began long before she decided to become an actress. "Though I was born in Silver Springs, Maryland, our family frequently moved around when I was growing up," says Crystal, "and I became good at going into new environments and adapting." Crystal's father is a retired Washington D.C. fireman, and he and her mother would buy "fixer-upper" houses and completely renovate them. "It was a family affair," says Crystal, who along with her older and younger brother, helped by installing insulation and acting as the clean-up crew. However, by the time the family could enjoy the fruits of their labor, it was time to move on again. As a matter of fact, Crystal attended seven different schools throughout South Carolina and Maryland in a short period of time.

Drawn to the arts at an early age, Crystal penned volumes of poetry, read the classics and play-acted. "I was pretty much in my own world." In her junior year of high school, Crystal won the lead in the school play Dark Of The Moon. It was at this time that she found a new sense of direction and "felt at home on stage." Her high school acting experience allowed her to win a drama scholarship. Though she attended Coast Carolina College in South Carolina, strangely enough, she majored in Computer Science. Crystal realized that acting was not always a practical way to support herself, so she also studied journalism and worked her way through the University of South Carolina as an aerobics instructor. While taking a year off from her studies, Crystal read about an audition at the University of Maryland in Baltimore. She won the lead in the play Beauty And The Beast, but only after agreeing to enroll in the school's acting program. The school's production of Wedekind's expressionistic masterpiece, Spring Awakening made it to the finals of the National College Theatre Festival where Crystal performed at The Kennedy Center. After appearing at this prestigious theatre, Crystal's enthusiasm really soared and she began to feel that an acting career could become a reality.

After graduating from the University of Maryland, Crystal moved to New York to continue her acting studies in order to advance her career. While pounding the pavement, waiting tables, passing out photos and doing showcases, she was inspired by the book Sanford Meisner on Acting. She wrote to the author and famed thespian, who in turn invited Crystal (and a few other students) to his home in the West Indies for more intensive training and to further hone her craft.

As luck would have it, upon Crystal's return to New York, she was cast as a day player on All My Children. She then moved to Los Angeles, where she continued studying with Meisner, acquired an agent and was cast as a high-class drug addicted dealer on Santa Barbara. Unfortunately, the character died a week later. The pace of daytime television and heavy dialogue left Crystal so exhausted that "I thought I would never do a soap again." Yet, a month later, she was offered the role of Dr. Carly Manning on Days of Our Lives, where she became one of the most popular actresses on daytime television. While on Days, Crystal also appeared on stage in the Los Angeles production of A.R. Gurney's hit play Love Letters. In addition to her daytime television roles, Crystal has also guest-starred on Walker, Texas Ranger, Burke's Law and Diagnosis Murder. She has also starred in the feature films Lady In Waiting and Bigfoot: The Unforgettable Encounter. Her other theatrical endeavors include The Three Sisters, The Balcony, Twelfth Night and The Comedy of Errors, to name a few. There is no doubt that having already proven herself a successful and beguiling artist with a compelling repertoire, Crystal Chappell's classic beauty, charm, charismatic talent and business acumen establishe her as one of the leading performers in the arts today!


Peter Reckell changed the face of daytime with his strong portrayal of rebel policeman Bo Brady on NBC's "Days of our Lives." His unique look, complete with motorcycle, earring, and tattoo, created a characterization never before imagined for a daytime hero.

Reckell was born and raised in Michigan. He worked his way through the Boston Conservatory as a singing waiter. After graduating with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in theater and a minor in music and dance, Reckell moved to New York City to further his music career. His musical stage accomplishments are many, including Carousel, Jesus Christ, Superstar and Guys and Dolls. Peter made his television debut on "As the World Turns" as Eric Hollister, a role he portrayed for two years. Soon after he landed the role of Bo Brady.

Needing a change after four years on daytime, Reckell moved to primetime and began a two-year run on the hit series "Knots Landing." Before his 1993 return to "Days of our Lives," Reckell added several film appearances to his credits, including the Russian film "Broken Bridges" produced by Oscar winner Rustam Ibraguimbekov.

Over the years Reckell has accrued many accolades for his portrayal of Bo Brady. In addition to being voted "Number One Male in Daytime Television," he received Soap Opera Digest awards for "Outstanding Actor" and "Hottest Male Star."

Reckell is a dedicated environmentalist and avid cyclist who often bikes to work. Reckell and his wife Kelly Moneymaker reside in Los Angeles. His birthday is May 7. 

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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