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Days of Our Lives Articles

Days of our Lives in Review

Week of December 23, 2002

By: Lindsay Clark

Salem celebrates Christmas
Shawn gives Belle an invite to the Salem Inn for a romantic night. Hopefully this time the sprinkler system won't ruin the moment!
Jennifer overhears Colin admit that he works for the DiMera's. It's about time!
All I have to say is: Colin SUCKS!!!
Hope continues to suffer from posttraumatic stress. I find it hard to believe that know has recognized that though.
Billie passes a lie detector test. I don't know how she pulled that off, because I know she had something to do with the kidnapping!
Craig tells Nancy and Chloe that he's Chloe's biological dad. FINALLY!!! I was beginning to think he was never going to tell them.
Oh yeah, and Nancy miraculously came out of her stroke and went home. You just knew that was going to happen!
Jack and Jennifer admit that they love each other, and agree that once they get Colin, they can be together.
Colin sees Jack and Jennifer kiss. And boy does he get pissed!
Later, Jennifer overhears Colin (once again) vow to kill Jack.
No offense to the guy that plays Colin, but he is a HORRIBLE actor! Every scene that he's in is so cheesy!
Anyway, Jennifer has to stall Colin so he won't kill Jack. So what does she do? She tells Colin that she loves him, and then they have sex!!!
NO, NO, NO!!!
I think it's great that she's saving Jack's life, but to have to have sex with that gross guy! Yuck!!!
Victor finds a check Nicole wrote to Colin for $5 million dollars!
Can't wait to see Nicole's face when he confronts her with that!!!
Although, on the other hand, Victor is a bit of a psycho!
On an extremely sad note (yeah right!) Phillip left Salem to join the marines. Somehow I don't see him lasting in the marines for too long, but I guess you never know. And if it will keep his character off the show I'm totally all for it!!!

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