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Days of Our Lives Articles

Days of our Lives Opinion


By: Justin W. 

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I was just in awe of John and Marlenaís Christmas tree. How beautiful was that! I have to admit every day on Dayís the background is always wonderfully done, Days of our Lives has the best stage design of all the soaps on television.

Chloe is written very believable. Not only does she have the stress with fighting for her life, she is also blaming herself for her motherís and her unborn sisterís life in jeopardy. Chloe is the most realistic character on Days of Our Lives right now. She always thinks that when something good happens to her, like her and Brady making love, something is always lurking in the shadows to bring her back down to blaming her self. Nadia is doing a very excellent performance!

Belle not wanted to go into Bo and Hopes house was great. She was embarrassed about them walking in on her and Shawn about to make, was very situation that teenagers/young adults face. I mean if it were I in that situation I would have done the same thing. Then inside Bo and Hope joking about Belle buying the fertilizer for Shawn for Christmas was cute. I loved Hopes comment ďHoney if Belle doesnít buy you the fertilizer, I will.Ē That is so something parents would say, just because they can!

Hope had also said something about going back to school, to help others. Why not just go back to work. She was a great cop, if she wants to make a difference go back on the force.

Iím really disappointed about Billie leaving. The writers saying they have nothing for her is crap! There is plenty for her to do! She has semi-strong roots in Salem. For one if they just would quit trying to involve her in Bo and Hope life and focus on Billieís life with out Bo, they could come up with plenty of things for Billie to do. If Days still canít come up with any storylines for her then they should call me, I have ideas! I just hate to see Lisa let go when we love to watch her.

I do understand were Hope is coming from about Billie, Hope thinks she was part of Larryís scheme to kidnap her, but I do believe that Billie didnít know what was really going on. As much as I love Hopeís character, it would be great for Billie to triumph over Hope before she leaves town. This will be the last time we see Billie in Salem I believe, for one I doubt very much Lisa Rinna will come back again to do more Days after coming back just to have them tell her there is nothing more for you to do here. Second Billie has been hurt too much in Salem, why come back for more!

Can some one on the show please say condom. I swear we hear the word protection twenty times in one episode, be creative, or at least get up to date with the terminology. If I said to one of my protection, they would think I was part of the after school special.

Staci Greason is great to see on Days, but you know if they wanted Bradyís mother to give him advice and to be with, why not bring her back from the dead. That way Isabella isnít just limited to Brady. If Staci were willing to act again, I would love to see her with something more deserving of her talent, even if it was on another show! I still say an alive Isabella would cause they sunny skies of John and Marlena to be cloudy somewhat!

Sami yet again has changed a babyís paternity, you would think the security of the lab files would have improved since she switched Belleís paternity years ago, and then again tried her luck another time to change Wills father from Lucas to Austin. I just donít believe that Salem University would allow that to occur again.

Bravo to Phillip for realizing that him and Chloe are no more! I did find the dramatic chopping of the tree dumb! As much as he claimed to love her he should have left it there as a reminder of the love he shared with her. Then again, Phillip is very aggressive and spontaneous him chopping the name off the tree was something he would have done. Good luck to Jay Kenneth Johnson in his pursuit of other projects.

Hey, itís just what I think


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Updated 4/22/07



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