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Days of Our Lives Articles

Days of our Lives Opinion


By: Justin W. 

  First I have to say congratulations to Days of our Lives for winning the 2002 Soap Chat Viewers’ Choice Awards. Days won for Outstanding daytime drama, Production, writing, directing, and Outstanding Storyline, for the baby switch. Other award winners included Peter Reckell, Kristian Alfonso, Alison Sweeney, Kristen Storms, Jason Cook, Renee Jones, Megan Corletto, Patrika Darbo, and Kyle Lowder. Congratulations to all the winners.

I was flipping through the channels late one night, when I came across a television show, America’s funniest People, and there I saw Calliope Jones Bradford (Arleen Sorkin). I then began to think of what it would be like to have her zany character back on the show again. With the return of Tony and Larry, why not bring back someone who is good at comedy, and has the awards to prove it.

Since, John isn’t in the fashion business for the business purpose, but just to use as a cover for the ISA, Calliope would be the perfect assistant, she herself, had some pretty strange fashion tips, and her working for the ISA no one would suspect. My memory of Calliope was of her wearing her world earrings at the opening of one of the shows, yelling at someone in a restaurant. It’s just an idea to bring her back.

Alice is just so wonderful, we all get it, don’t get me wrong, hear me out, I would just for once, love her to say something other than Tom, God, Family, or love. Everyone knows what she stands for, and believes in, lets give her something else to say. Like the time she said to get through hard times with tequila, that was great! I love when Alice is on, but we can most likely quote her, even before she speaks.

Lexie is pregnant, and is the father Abe? Lets hope so! The one storyline I hate watching is who’s the daddy. It’s been done in with Mickey, Bill, and Laura. John, Roman, and Marlena. Austin, Lucas, and Sami. Bo, Hope and Stefano/John/another guy, I’m sure there are more, but do you get the drift. Lets at least wait a while before the next one.

I don’t like the pairing of Roman and Kate, but at least Roman is getting some action. The last time was with Billie when they were undercover (no joke intended). Roman is so good-natured, and Kate is out for her self, it to me doesn’t work. Fay on the other hand I think is more suited for Roman. Maybe in time though, I will change my mind on Kate and Roman, maybe I just have to give it a chance before I diss it.

The character of the week I most want to see get shipped to a deserted island is Phillip. Please no more flash backs of him and Chloe, no more whining, or for heavens sake no more “Damn you Brady!”

I was making dinner and listening to Days when I turned and glanced at the TV when Tony was reading the invisible ink, (Whatever!) and from a distance he looked like Stefano, it was at that moment I realized, yet again, it was Stefano just with the name Tony.

Having Bo and Hope walk in on Belle and Shawn making out was great, the look on a surprised Hope’s face, and Bo trying to cover his I know what you are doing smile, was so perfect. Then Bo saying to Hope remember what we did on your eighteenth birthday. That was the best scene I watched on Days for a long time.

Well we all knew this day would come when Nancy is on the verge of losing her baby, as well as her own life. As much as I disliked Craig and Nancy when they first came to town, during the Mike and Carrie days, they have really turned around and became a good family to watch, maybe not the perfect family, but the Wesley’s are growing on me!

I came to the conclusion that Cassie and Rex are not Marlene’s children, for the fact that Rex is in love with Belle. If it is true, and Rex is in love with his sister, I think Guiding Light will be getting another viewer for a few days, but my luck Sondra Santiago (Carmen) will already be gone from Guiding Light by then, who I think is a great actress. I guess I will have to tune in to General Hospital!

Hey, it’s just what I think


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Updated 4/22/07



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