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Days of Our Lives Articles

Days of our Lives in Review

Week of December 9, 2002

By: Lindsay Clark


Shawn surprises Belle for her birthday, since he sort of forgot her birthday because his mom was missing. He gives her a ring with her birthstone in it. They start dancing and making out. Which then leads them onto the couch where they start to get hot and heavy! They decide they're ready to make love, when Bo and Hope pull up outside. Talk about ruining the moment! Of course when Bo and Hope walk inside they can totally tell something is up. Could it be that Belle's hair was extremely messed up or the fact they were watching some infomercial about fertilizer? Gee, I wander! At the hospital, Abe and Lexi kiss, as Brandon watches on. He confronts Lexi and says that he doesn't think she should get back with Abe. Blah, blah, blah! Sorry, Brandon I didn't realize it was any of your business! As you can probably guess, Brandon has no clue that Lexi is pregnant. But Sami knows. Later, Sami tries to get Brandon to have unprotected sex with her to find out if he ever would. It totally backfires in Sami's face though. What else is new? He gets mad that she would even consider trying to have unprotected sex, and leaves. Lexi tells Abe that she's pregnant and of course he's thrilled! According to Stefano's journal the Brady's committed the first crime, not the DiMera's!


Roman and Kate continue to flirt after making love. Actually, they start to go at it again when Sami walks in! The face she made was so great! She was so horrified. I thought it was quite hilarious! Victor asks Nicole to see a fertility specialist. She says not right now. As much as I don't like Nicole, she really needs to break it off with Victor. He's kind of a psycho! I guess we know whom Phillip gets it from! Chloe goes to Dot.Com and runs into Phillip. He acts stupid, as usual! He assumes when she says that she's not with Brady that it's because she wants him back. Yeah, keep dreaming Phil! Brady convinces Chloe to visit Nancy, and tells her not to blame herself. She better not push Brady away. He's the best thing for her!


Brandon grills Sami about why she wanted to have unprotected sex. She makes up some stupid lie and he totally falls for it. Later, he overhears that Lexi is pregnant and confronts her. Lexi says that she slept with Abe the night before and the morning before she slept with Brandon. And that Brandon used protection, when Abe didn't. For some reason, though, Brandon doesn't think Abe got her pregnant. He thinks he's the father. I have no comment on this situation! While Cassie tutors Shawn she starts giving him a massage. Cynthia listens outside the door. Someone really needs to slap that girl. On day I hope she gets what's coming to her! Then, Cassie kisses Shawn, and Belle walks in! I'm not a big fan of Cassie right now! Surprisingly, Belle isn't mad at Shawn because she knows how Cassie is. That's a relief! 


I'm skipping Thursday because I missed the episode, and I heard nothing exciting happened anyway! Tony visits Colin to find out if he's still loyal to the DiMera's. He wants Colin to bring Larry Welch to him dead or alive. That might be hard though, considering the fact that Colin is working for Larry and doesn't know it! John is eager to find out if Tony is his brother. The twins see the painting of Marlena. Tony tells them it's a Christmas gift for her. John gets the call from Shane. He is Tony's brother!!! As bad as that is, does that necessarily mean that Stefano is his father? Couldn't he and Tony share the same mother, not father? It's just what I'm thinking!

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