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By: Justin W. 

  I loved Sami in her red dress at Lexie's wake; it was just classic Sami. Although, I would have liked to have seen the car ride over with Brandon saying something on the order of "Sami, you look hot in anything, but don't you think red is too much for Lexie's wake?" That would have been a great scene to watch, but everything else that day was excellent, including Celeste being grief struck, and Abe confessing how much he did love her. I guess it was too bad it was a farce!

It was a very nice twist that they are implying that John is Tony's brother. I mean, Stefano has always liked John, even though they are enemies. So I'm looking forward to what the show has in store for John. As we all know, John has always hated the DiMeras, so how will he react, if in fact he is one of them?

Marlena is becoming more interesting. She has never wanted to know what happened to her while she was on the island, and now she does. Is it going to be that the twins (Cassie and Rex) are going to be her kids; is that what went on when she was being drugged on the island. The more I think about that possibility, the more I believe that I'm not going to buy stock in that; it's too simple to put together that she is the mother.  My guess is something else happened; I just can't think what it is yet.

I do feel bad for Jack being basically the only one in Salem that didn't know Hope was still alive and being held prisoner by Larry.  But like Jennifer said, if he knew, he wouldn't have been able to write the things he did about Hope in the newspaper, knowing full well she was alive.

You know, we should have seen Doug and Julie a little bit more while Hope was kidnapped. You know Doug is her father, and I just thought their presence was missed. It wasn't believable that someone's daughter/sister was missing and you see them, like, what, twice? Come on, I'm not buying that! Doug is a wealthy man.  Why didn't they do a TV plea to bring his daughter and grandson home?

Colin is my least favorite character on the show.  When he first came on, I was glad to see a new person, but he just isn't working. Think about it, a doctor who was working for the goodness of mankind in Africa can be bought off by the DiMeras? To me, a person who is supposedly good-hearted wouldn't go for an offer like that, unless he was forced into the situation. The writers just weren't thinking too clearly when they brought him to Salem. So good riddance to Colin! I do wish Justin the best in whatever he does in the future.  I do like him, but maybe he should brush up on acting a little more.  I am not saying he is a bad actor; he just needs coaching a little bit.

The scene with Bo rescuing his beloved Hope was done well. Hope helplessly watches with a gun to her head, as her beloved Bo falls into the river. Kristian's performance was great! I would like to see Hope save Bo, instead of the other way around. Hope is always made the helpless victim and it really doesn't suit her.

I am so looking forward to the time when Hope and Billie come face to face. This will be a great time to watch. I am ready to tape that episode.  Both ladies' presence on screen is worth watching, and having Hope confront her "former friend" will be exciting.

Is Mimi still on the show? If she is, why hasn't she been given a story line for goodness sakes?  She proved she could handle herself in a story, so give her something to work with! The same goes for Celeste.  Why waste good actors and potential stories when you have them right in front of you!!!

Hey, itís just what I think


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Updated 4/22/07



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