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Days of Our Lives Articles

Days of our Lives in Review

Week of November 18, 2002

By: Lindsay Clark

            I missed two episodes this week so Iím just going to summarize what I did see.  Luckily, I saw most of the good stuff.  Sami and Brandon finally make love.  It was the cheesiest scene ever.  They were rolling around in this excessively pink room.  The bed had pink satin pillows and sheets.  It was gross.  Not to mention the fact that they dragged the scene on and on for like 20 minutes!  Totally corny!  Craig pronounces Lexi dead.  Abe flips out on Bo.  And of course Bo is arrested.  He gets found guilty and he has to go to jail.  However, he keeps feeling Hope and that sheís alive. So when Roman goes to his cell to visit, Bo tells him that Hope needs him.  Roman opens his cell, hands him a gun and tells him to do what he has to do.  Iím a little confused!  Brady and Chloe get stuck in Colorado because their jeep breaks down.  They stay at this little cabin and itís so romantic.  Brady is so romantic!!!  Why canít I be Chloe?  Meanwhile, Craig tracks down Dr Sykes.  Somehow they end up at a barn, and heís injured.  While Craig fixes up his wounds, he tells the doctor all about Chloe, and of course gives him hell for raping Nancy.  Dr Sykes then proceeds to tell Craig that it is not possible for him to be Chloeís father because he had a vasectomy 25 years ago.  Interesting!  Let me guess, Craig is going to be Chloeís father.  It couldnít be any more obvious!  On the island, John and Marlena get separated and she uncovers a piece of paper.  According to this paper John and Tony are brothers!!!  Ok now Iím totally confused!  This does bring up interesting questions though.  Like, who are Johnís parents?  Why have we never seen them?  Does Marlena have parents?  It seems like no one has grandparents except for Shawn and Zack.  I have never even heard John or Marlena even talk about their parents.  Has anyone?

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