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Days of Our Lives Articles

Days of our Lives in Review

Week of November 11

By: Lindsay Clark


            Craig gets Nancyís test results back.  She is having a baby girl and she is a perfect match for Chloe.  Yes!!!  Chloe is, of course, overjoyed.  Her and Brady start kissing in the hospital and guess who sees them?  You guessed it-Phillip.  Iím sure everyone is real shocked about that!  The twins go and visit Shawn to offer him support.  However, they get into a huge fight about the DiMeraís involvement with Hopeís kidnapping.  Shawn thinks theyíre involved, but the twins refuse to accept that.  The twins end up leaving, but they refuse to ride in the DiMera car.  So instead they go to Rolf for help.  Even better!!  I thought the twins were supposed to be exceptionally smart.  I would think that theyíd be able to tell that Rolf is not who they think he is. 


            Absolutely nothing exciting happened!  Talk about a boring episode.  It was pretty much all Sami/Brandon/Lexi.  BORING!!!!  The one good thing that happened was at the end; Billie, Shane and Larry were all headed to the pier at the same time.  Wander what thatís all about?


            Craig tells Brady that they need to find Chloeís biological dad immediately.  Brady tells him that he actually saw Dr Sykes in Salem.  Chloeís real hair started growing back so Belle and Nancy got her hair extensions (so to say the least, she has her real hair back).  Brady asks her to go away with him to Hollywood, and she agrees.  How could you turn down a hot guy like Brady anyway?  Abe urges Lexi to tell him where Hopeís body is.  If she tells him, as Abe puts it, sheíll ONLY get life in prison.  Gee, how nice of him.  Knowing that would really make me want to come clean!  Later, Bo goes to Lexiís cell and practically strangles her.  Like I said before, Lexi brought this on herself.  If she had told the truth all the times before, people would probably believe her now!  On the pier Billie gets shot???  It was a really weird moment.  To me itís definitely some sort of set up.  I donít think she was really shot. 


            On the jet to the DiMera island, Marlena surprises John.  He wants to turn the plane around but decides to let her come along.  Billie is brain dead???  Roman gives the bad news to Kate and Phillip.  Kate didnít even seem genuinely upset.  Either she knows that Billie wasnít really shot (which is what Iím thinking) or sheís just an extremely bad actor.  I canít decide.  Bo gathers everyone at the pub to give them bad news.


            Brady and Chloe make their way to Hollywood.  Bo tries to explain to Shawn that Hope is really dead, but he wonít believe it.  Lexi pretends to faint and is brought to the hospital to escape.  Meanwhile, Bo sneaks away from family and makes his way to the hospital.  With the help of two male nurses on the DiMera payroll, Lexi makes her way to the hospital roof.  Bo sees her up there and he looks pretty damn pissed!  When Abe and Roman get to the roof, Lexi is on the ground, and Bo is standing over her claiming that she is dead.  I donít know if Iím buying the whole Lexi being dead thing either.  Something is just fishy about that! 

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Updated 4/22/07



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