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Days of Our Lives Articles

Days of our Lives in Review

Week of November 8, 2002

By: Lindsay Clark


            This week has been so messed up for me!  I accidentally taped over the majority of Mondayís episode.  I did, however, catch the last few minutes.  Those are usually the best parts anyway!  Also, just a warning, I missed Wednesdayís entire episode because out here in Massachusetts we had a big rainstorm, and we must have lost power or something because the tape never recorded.  Got to love New England weather!  Anyways, back to what I did see on Monday.  Sami and Kate go the Cheatin Heart to set up Nicole.  Sami disguises herself as Nicole, and comes on to like every guy in the place.  She gives out Nicoleís business cards.  Sami made a complete fool out of herself, but it was pretty damn funny.  Rolf tells Tony that the twins were created by Stefano to carry out the DiMera legacy.  What exactly is their legacy?  That theyíre bad?  He also gives Tony the blue key.  Dr. Sykes has relocated to Salem, so itís just a matter of time before Brady and Chloe see him.  Nancy starts having bad abdominal pains.


            Rolf informs Tony that he did not get the key from John.  He also tells him that the key is to unlock the twinsí powers.  I still havenít quite figured out what their powers are exactly.  Tony vows to get back at John.  How many times are all these people going to vow to get back at each other?  John and Tony both need a new enemy.  John and Marlena decide to find out about their past.  While they look at the picture of the island, Marlena gets that strange feeling again.  When he puts the island into his computer to find a match, it shows up as a bunch of small islands.  And they form the Gemini constellation.  John decides to go to the island for answers.  Lexi is arrested and put in jail.  Bo screams at her and demands her to tell him where Hope is.  For once Lexi really has no idea.  I feel bad for Lexi on one hand, but on the other hand I donít because she brought it on herself.  If she hadnít lied so many other times to so many people, maybe people would believe her now.  Brady and Chloe talk.  He tells her that he loves her.  Well, it is about time!  It was so romantic!  Iím jealous of Chloe!


            Remember, I missed Wednesdayís episode!  While having breakfast with Victor, Nicole gets a phone call from a guy she met at the Cheatin Heart!  Well, Sami met him!  Later, a waiter slips her a note to meet him on the terrace.  She goes out there to tell him that it wasnít her that he met, but he starts kissing her.  Victor looks out and sees them kissing.  Looks like Nicole is busted!  At the police station, Bo waits for the results of the blood found on Hopeís sweater.  (I guess in Wed episode they found Hopeís sweater with a bloodstain on it).  The blood is Hopeís.  They also find hair on the sweater so they get a sample of Lexiís DNA to see if it matches.  John and Marlena tell Bo about the island, and he thinks that John should definitely take a trip there.  Bo receives a note from Hope saying goodbye.


            Isabella tells Brady to find Chloeís dad.  He searches the Internet and finds a picture of Dr. Sykes.  He and Chloe take the picture to Craig.  Larry gloats about setting up Lexi.  Hope did write the note to Bo but she put a message in it that Bo would pick up on.  I donít know what the hell the message was though.  Bo read the note out loud, and I didnít hear one damn thing that sounded like a clue or message.  Apparently Bo picked up on it though, because he knows that sheís not dead.  He said he would know if she was.  The DNA tests come back and the hair matches Lexiís, and the paper that Hopeís letter was written on is Lexiís also.  Abe informs her of the growing evidence against her.  She tells Tony to do whatever he has to do to get her out of there.  As John prepares for his trip Shane Donovan returns and he has important information for John.  Hope finds a bottle cap and tries to pry the lookout window open so she can see where she is.  She does manage to get it open and boy does she get an eyeful!  She sees Billie with Larry!!!  Billie is so going to be busted!  And I canít wait.  She makes an extremely cheesy cop anyway!   

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