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Days of Our Lives Articles

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By: Justin W.

I loved the scene between John and Marlena. John, who does not like the fact that Cassie and Rex moved into the dorm with Belle and Shawn, said something on the order of Caprice having something to do with getting the twins in the same dorm. Marlena with her wide eyes asking John ďYou think Caprice is working for the DiMeras?Ē John said ďMaybe!Ē And Marlenaís reply was ďDo you think Iím working for them too?Ē That was a priceless moment!

I have to correct what I said last week about Lisa Rinna leaving Days. It has been officially reported that it is Days of our Lives who released Lisa Rinna from the role of Billie. It is always wise to fix a mistake when you make it, but I really donít think bringing Billie back to town was a mistake. There is a lot of potential of having Billie back to Salem, as long as they give us the Billie we want to watch. So Days donít want her to come between Bo and Hope, okay then, lets give her another storyline. With Titan and Basic Black both in Salem, give her a job at one of those places. Get her involved maybe with Roman again, or a new character, and have Bo get a little jealous about her new relationship. Even though Bo loves Hope, there is always that spark between old flames, even after the relationship is over.

Also, it has been reported, that Collin Murphy will be exiting Salem as well. All I have to say about that is thank god that part is over!

Picture it, Hope has a metal bar in her hands, she is hiding behind the door when Larry enters the room. She hits him in the back only once, why? Iím sorry if I was being held captive and I had a blunt object like that, I would go for the head-neck region not the back. I also donít think I would hit my captor only once. He fell on the floor, I think a couple more hits would be more accurate, but what do I know, Iíve never been kidnapped. Although thinking about it, the only reason that I could come up with for Hopeís poor defense was she doesnít know where Zack is, so keeping Larry not to hurt would be a good reason, I suppose!

Jack and Jennifer have been in town for quite a while now, why have we not seen Laura? She is still living in Mikeís house right, just off camera? If that is so, then why does Jennifer always send Abby over to Aliceís house for her to watch Abby? Give great grandmother a break and let grandma watch her, better yet, Jack and Jen just stay home and talk, instead of everywhere else but there, then no one would have to watch Abby!

I have to admit I like the recent alliance of Kate and Sami. They are two characters we love to hate, and now watching the two of them work together, they make a great team. They have comedy and drama working very well for them. More scenes of them together!

Looking at the current cast, there really isnít any pure innocent character anymore, besides Belle. Oh where is Princess Greta? I still believe it was a mistake to get rid of her, in a town full of vixens we need the balance of the good hearted.

Hey itís just what I think! -Justin-

Itís only what I think 


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Updated 4/22/07



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