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Days of Our Lives Articles

Days of our Lives in Review

Week of November 3, 2002

By: Lindsay Clark

Abe visits Lexi and urges her to come clean with anything she knows. She denies that she knows anything, but Abe knows that she knows something. At the station Abe tells Bo that Lexi has nothing to do with the kidnapping, and Bo flips out. He also sort of accuses Billie of wanting Hope gone. Hope has a proposal for Larry. She wants him to let Zack go and just keep her. I sure as hell wouldn't want to be left alone with that creepy man! John teaches Marlena a little lesson in spying. He gives her earrings that are microphones and a lipstick that is a camera. Where does he get this stuff?

Jennifer reminisces about kissing Jack. Those two definitely need to get back together. If I had my choice between Jack and Colin, I would choice Jack in a second. Jack tells Jennifer that he thinks Colin has something to do with Hope's disappearance. He then goes and tapes a phone conversation that Colin is having. It does sound extremely incriminating so Jack plays it for Jennifer. But, of course when she confronts Colin about it he has a simple explanation. Mimi and Chloe want to crush the crushes the twins have on Belle and Shawn, so Mimi decides to take Rex to the Halloween party and they ask Phillip to take Cassie. He agrees reluctantly. I don't know why though, it's not like he has some hot date! Chloe gets a letter from an admirer, which gives her a clue to where to find her next letter. A masked man breaks into Belle's dorm room and steals the blue key. It's Rolf!!! Afterward, Cynthia and Corrine break in and steal a bag that has Cassie and Rex's Salem U t-shirts in. They put something weird on the sweatshirts and everyone laughed at the twins. Real cool Cynthia! If only I was as cool as you! That girl needs to grow up. Belle, Shawn, the twins etc have a new bio ethics teacher named Professor Putnam a.k.a Rolf.

Brady confronts Phillip about spying on Chloe. They argue. What else is new? Chloe gets a present and her next clue. She gets a beautiful mask and is told to go to the pier. When she gets there to finally see her admirer, whom she thinks is Phillip, but it's actually Brady. Brady is so sweet! Rolf defends the twins in class. After class, he asks the twins to come to his office so he can talk to them alone. Belle is kind of skeptical because for some reason Rolf looks familiar to her. She doesn't get a good feeling about him. When the twins are preoccupied looking at something, Rolf slips those bracelets on them, and they go into a trance. He tells them to do bad thing when bad things are done to them, and that they have a mission. Once Rolf unlocks the bracelets with the blue key, and claps his hands, the twins are back to normal. They also don't remember anything. I really hope the twins aren't going to be bad. I like them good. Although, I do have a feeling that Cassie might end up bad and Rex will be good. At the mansion, Tony prepares for Marlena's arrival. Colin gives him a truth serum to slip in her drink. Tony leaves the room for a moment so Marlena searches through his desk. She finds a picture of an island and snaps a photo from her lipstick. After that, she becomes dizzy and starts hearing a loud noise in her ear. She hears a man's voice saying "Sleep Marlena, sleep." Tony walks in and questions her. She snaps out of it and doesn't remember anything she said. By this time, John is frantic because he lost the connection with her so he goes into the mansion and leaves with her. And you're probably thinking that Marlena drank whatever Tony gave her. That's just the strange thing- she didn't drink it at all!

Lexi tells Brandon that she is going to tell Abe about Hope's license and itinerary. He urges her not to. Abe shows up at the mansion and she tells him everything. He actually believes her, too. For once in Lexi's life she deserves to be believed. However, Bo does not believe her for one second. Chloe is presently surprised when Brady comes out as her admirer. He puts on his costume and they dance together. It was so magical! Right as Brady is about to say I love you, Chloe runs off and says that she doesn't want him to love her because she might die like his mom did. I wander if Chloe loves Brady. How can you not love Brady? At the Halloween party Cynthia shows up as Marilyn Monroe. She continues to make fun of the twins. But at the end, she gets what she deserves, when she's standing in front of everyone butt naked! Sucks to be you Cynthia! The twins don't remember that they did anything. Larry takes Zack to Salem Place in costume. That Larry, he's just so smart. Let's take a child who is missing out in a town where the child's entire family lives. Zack didn't even have a mask on!

Lexi continues to feel dizzy. She's also worried if she made the right decision telling Abe. Tony tries to find out what's wrong with her. Lexi decides to go for a walk at Salem Place. Shawn sees her there, and practically attacks her. She tells him she has nothing to do with the kidnapping but he doesn't believe her. So she continues her little walk. Meanwhile, Jack unknowingly bumps into Larry and Zack. Lexi starts to hear a baby cry and it sounds like Zack, so she follows the sound. It leads her to some little warehouse. She gets locked in. Then she hears something, so she lifts up a box and there's Zack. Bo and Abe bust down the door and catch her with Zack. Looks like she'll be getting arrested. For once, I actually feel kind of bad for Lexi. Rolf gets uneasy when the twins tell him that Marlena has been helping them. He says that he must stop her! Tony meets Rolf and questions him about the blue key and the twins. Rolf stays silent. Hope attacks Larry but then he pushes her. She hits her head against a wall and passes out! Let's hope that Bo finds her soon. The cops are on the totally wrong track though, so who knows if she'll ever be found!

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