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By: Justin W. 

How funny was Brandon? Lexie of course came to Brandon, to help her get her son back, and he told her basically not to trust Tony or Abe. Tony listening in on the conversation, then confronts Brandon more- less telling him to stay away from Lexie. Brandon then had the nerve to tell Tony, to let Lexie make her own decisions. So, I guess, Brandon telling Lexie what to do is okay?

How many times has John got involved with police business? Many! Usually though he takes it upon himself to get involved, but recently Roman, has been coming to John for help a little too much. If Roman is unable to do his job, then why is he still Captain of the police force? Better yet, why doesnít John become an officer of the law, since it seems to be his calling? Roman, who once was a great cop, now seems to need John holding his hand to get his job done.

Talking of police officers, if Billie lost her job as security at the Mayors office, why would the Salem P.D. take her back? If Billie was not reporting to work at the Mayors office, wouldnít there be suspicion of her not being responsible to her job? You have to be able to count on the officers who work for you; otherwise the citizens or the Mayor isnít safe. Anyways, Iím not really buying Billie as a police officer yet; this isnít the Billie the audience knows. If Billie matured in the few years she has been gone from Salem, then it would be believable.

It is rumored on certain websites that Lisa Rinna is going to leave Days in December. Iím not so sure itís true, but if it is and itís not just a short exit and return. Then I would welcome Krista Allen-Morritt back as Billie, before I ever would Lisa Rinna again. It would be in bad taste for Lisa to agree to come back, only to stay a few months.

Great job Kristian Alfonso! After just coming back from maternity leave, she is doing kicks and throwing punches, all of these physical scenes. Who would have known she just had a baby in July. It is great that even though she was still on maternity leave, she did come to work a few times to keep the show on track and her fans happy. Not to many women would take the time away from her family to do that, so Kristian we appreciate all you do for the show and your fans.

I used to be a huge Jack and Jennifer fan, but ever since they came back to town, Iím really not caring about them. If Days doesnít do something interesting with them, to get us motivated to want them back together again soon, I fear I wonít want them back together.

Lets give Harold some more scenes out of his place of employment. I mean he is the only character we ever see working anymore. He needs a day off, and to be involved a little more. If he wanted to be a designer of clothing, why not have him become friends with Nicole or Billie, someone with a connection to the fashion business that could give him a push into it. Basic Black or Titan might be able to give him a start somewhere.

Doug and Julie have been back for a while now, and you never see them. So I started thinking about how to get them more involved in the show. Stefano had once stated that he would like to have become Mayor of Salem. Letís have Doug Williams and Mickey Horton run against each other as well as some non-characters for Mayor. That way we would get to see more of Doug and Julie, as well as Mickey and Maggie. Itís just a suggestion!

Itís only what I think 


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Updated 4/22/07



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