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Days of Our Lives Articles

Days of our Lives Opinion


By: Justin

I need to say something about Days of our Lives right now. I really like the storylines; nothing seems to be really out there, and so Iím buying into them. First, the scenes between Brady and his mother, Isabella, have been really good, although I have now come to terms with the fact that Isabella is really dead.

I have always thought Days should have brought her back eventually, to do the whole Marlena, Isabella, and John triangle. Who would John have picked? Iím not sure, but it would have been worth watching. 

 Another thing Iím having a problem with right now is the Gemini twins. They are really interesting, but also they donít sit well with me at this moment. The whole genetically-engineered idea is going to take some time for me to adjust to. I do believe they are Marlenaís children, and maybe Tony is the father. One great reason for having the twins on the show is that we get to see more of Deidre Hall. (who has been voted one of the top three favorite actresses on NBC in Soap Opera Digest, for quite a few weeks now). You would think Days would realize just how loved Marlena is, so itís about time we see her in a storyline! 

 The whole Hope kidnapping story just happened a few years ago. (Do you remember Princess Gina?) Are we going to have to sit through another one of her kidnappings again? Okay, so we are going to see Larry Welch again, who is supposedly the knuckle-cracker and kidnapper. It is wonderful of the writers to draw from the history, but why would we want to see him after all of these years? What effect is he going to have on Salem with his return, after the kidnapping is over? In my thoughts, not a whole lot. He really doesnít have that deep of a connection to the show, with everything else that has been going on recently. Although I do want to see how Hope handles herself, being kidnapped with her son.

 The scene when Chloe told Nancy her fears of dying and leaving Brady behind like his mother did were very believable, given that Chloe doesnít have a bone marrow donor yet.  She is becoming concerned with what will happen if she doesnít survive, which Iím sure we all have thought about at one point in our lives. Chloe couldn't be any more realistic than how she is right now. 

 I am getting tired of Brady and Philip yelling and marking their territory every day; enough is enough with them. I thought they were going to focus on Chloe and her getting better, not who can yell the loudest. 

 What can I say about Lucasí return to town? Oh, how about, that without Sami or Kate being in a scene with him, he would have no purpose being in Salem. Why not show some scenes with Lucas and Will getting closer, to try to build fans support for Lucas raising Will? I would rather see Will with Sami right now! 

 The one story I am looking forward to watching is the Celeste and Caprice story. Celeste said to Caprice ďDo I know you?Ē Caprice answers ďNo, But I know you, Frankie.Ē How awesome was that. The only other person to call Celeste Frankie is Caroline, and that was when Celeste first came back to Salem. I have always liked Celeste and itís about time to give her a storyline without it involving her chasing Lexie around. Tanya Boyd is capable of so much more than just being Renee Jonesí shadow. 

 Also, since we are bringing back Larry Welch and Shane Donovan for a few episodes, letís bring back Vivian. Victor with Nicole, come on nowÖ truthfully the fans know that once Vivian would have heard about Kate and Victor splitting up, she would come running. WHERE IS SHE? Vivian would never let an opportunity like this pass her by. 

 Speaking of Nicole, how could she not have known that the divorce was never finalized? Wouldnít her lawyer have contacted her, to tell her the papers have never been filed? I have never been divorced myself, but I do know that once it has been finalized, you will receive documentation stating exactly that. It is even a harder pill to swallow that Lucas didn't even know the divorce never happened, as much as he dislikes her, it slipped his mind? It doesnít make sense! 

It's just what I think!  


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Updated 4/22/07



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