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Days of Our Lives Articles

Days of our Lives in Review

Week of August 26, 2002

By: Lindsay Clark


            Thanks to Sami pushing Nicole, Nicole gets shot by the bullet meant for Victor.  She is rushed to the hospital and needs surgery.  Victor confronts Sami about the whole thing, because he knows that Sami had something to do with her getting shot.  Before the hit man can get away, Billie shoots him and he dies.  Gee, what a shame!  Chloe calls Phillip to tell him that she canít go away with him.  She also tells him to still go to New York and pretend sheís with him.  He agrees, but is really upset.  He goes to see Belle and asks her to call Brady for him.  Of course Brady tells her heís out of town, so Phillip puts two and two together.  For the first time in his life!  Phillip calls upon his fatherís henchman Nico to track down Brady.  Can you say psychotic!!  Phillip definitely has some serious issues.  Shawn and Belle both decide to go to college in Salem.  Shawn is still mad at Rex and Cassie so he goes to find Bo to turn them in.  He walks in on Bo hugging Billie.  Oops!  Meanwhile, Belle calls Marlena to come over to the garage to help Rex and Cassie.


            Shawn confronts Bo and Billie about their kiss.  Billie speaks to him alone and explains everything.  Shawn apologizes.  Fay shows up at the hospital.  Itís about freakin time.  Itís so nice of her to finally show up.  My question is, where the hell has she been for the past year?  Anyway, Abe comforts her, and Brandon walks in all pissed.  Ok Brandon, get over this stupid vendetta against Abe.  Lexi spies on Abe with Fay.  Sorry Lexi, in case you havenít figured it out yet, you lost your chance with Abe.  Sami goes in to see Nicole, who at this point has slipped into a coma.  She then starts looking at the plug.  Brady tells Chloe that her fatherís new identity is Dr. Thompson.  She pretends to sprang her ankle and they go to the local hospital to seek him out.  Nico tracks down Brady. 


            Sami considers the pros and cons of killing Nicole.  Her conscience gives her a scare when Sami thinks she really did pull the plug.  When she realizes that her conscience did that so she would see what it would be like to kill Nicole, she decides it best not to pull the plug.  Finally Sami has made a good decision.  Too bad itís probably going to backfire, because Nicole opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was Sami with her hand on the plug.  Of course what Nicole doesnít know is that, Sami was just making sure the plug was in all the way.  While Brady and Chloe await the arrival of Dr. Sykes, Phillip barges in and hits Brady.  Could you be any more of a psycho, Phillip?  In the heat of the moment, Chloe ends up saying Dr. Sykes name.  He overhears and flees the hospital.  Good going Phillip!  Does he ever not mess anything up?  Marlena meets Rex and Cassie and feels an instant connection to them.  When she asks them where their home is, they say, ďYou tell, you know home.Ē  Iím getting the feeling that maybe Marlena is their mother.  There was a huge period in time where Stefano kept her asleep.  Maybe she had twins.  They do resemble her.  Rex ends up showing Marlena the key, and she is totally amazed.  She tells Belle and Shawn that they must never tell anyone about the key.  This key mystery keeps getting better and better. 


            Brady and Chloe leave the hospital after they realize that Dr. Sykes left.  The sheriff arrests Phillip for the ruckus at the hospital.  He insists that the man the sheriff needs to arrest is Brady.  What a jerk!  I just want to stick my fist through the television and punch Phillip.  One of these days Brady needs to give Phillip the ass kicking he deserves.  Chloe gets a call from Nancy, while downstairs the hotel clerk stalls Brady for the sheriff.  The sheriff comes in and arrests Brady!  Of course, Phillip is nowhere in sight.  The judge sentences Brady to a night in jail with no phone call.  Back at the hotel, Chloe is yelling at good ole Phil for messing everything up at the hospital.  Being the complete loser he is, he doesnít even tell Chloe that he had Brady arrested.  Colin and Jennifer talk.  Donít ask what about, because the local news interrupted.  Donít you hate when that happens?


            Brandon blames Tony for Nicole getting shot.  Later, Sami runs into Tony and begs him for his help.  He tells her that he needs her help also.  He wants her to steal back the key from John.  She is very skeptical.  John talks to Agent Russell about the key.  When Marlena comes home she meets the agent, and John tells her to tell him everything she knows.  She ends up telling him about the twins.  She explains to him that she believes the twins are human.  The agent quickly leaves.  Marlena calls Belle and tells them to move the twins someplace safe.  Belle and Shawn bring them to the hilltop where they were found.  Some kind of spacecraft lands and picks the twins up.  When Marlena goes into detail about the twins and the key to John, he thinks Belle and Shawn are in danger.  He rushes out of the house.  Then Marlena rushes out of the house saying, ďNo, no, no.Ē  Whatever thatís supposed to mean.  I hope everyone else is as confused as me!

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