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Days of Our Lives Articles

Days of our Lives in Review

Week of August 12, 2002

By: Lindsay Clark


Colin and Jennifer talk at the cabin, where they are stranded due to the storm.  He tries to put the moves on her, but thanks to that broach microphone, Jack sends a trooper out to rescue them.  The trooper shows up just as Colin and Jennifer start kissing.  Sucks to be Colin!  John has news about Chloe’s biological father Dr. Sykes.  The last time he used his passport was in 1991.  Gee, that tells you a whole heck of a lot!  Brady tries to convince John about seeing Isabella, but John is still skeptical.  Chloe apologizes to Phillip for accusing him of rape.  Ok, that was like two years ago-get over it!  Phillip gives Chloe a piece of the meteor.  What a guy!  I wish my boyfriend would give me a piece of an ugly rock!  I’ll have to remember to put that on my Christmas wish list!  Cassie has a horrible nightmare about that key.  Colin tells Tony that he needs to get that key back. 


The storm continues to wreak havoc on Salemites.  Kate and Roman are stuck in an elevator.  She whines about it for a while, but it turns into flirting.  You just know that she wants him.  She ends up kissing him to prove that they have no chemistry.  Keep telling yourself that, Kate!  Brandon and Sami continue kissing on the roof of the hospital.  They confess their love to one another, and start to make love when security comes in to rescue them.  Great timing.  As much as I hate Sami, I actually really like her with Brandon.  Anyway, they become a couple.  At the DiMera mansion, Tony tries to piece together all the clues about the mysterious key.  Marlena then shows up looking for Sami.  Of course, Sami is not there (she’s on the roof with Brandon).  Tony starts to tell Marlena about his partnership with John for the Gemini project, when he falls into his catatonic state.  A mans voice comes on and says, “You know what you must do.”  Tony says, “I must come back for Marlena.”  She is very alarmed at what he says.  When he snaps out of it he admits that he needs professional help.  Marlena agrees to help him.  Is she losing her mind?


Abe and Lexi wake up together, after a night of making love.  I’m not even going to comment about this situation!  He goes downstairs to make her breakfast.  Meanwhile, at the police station, Bo calls Hope.  She tells him how Lexi knew about the baby switch all along.  He then calls Abe to break the bad news.  Lexi comes downstairs to a furious Abe.  He flips out on her and kicks her out.  Go Abe!  It’s about time!  Nicole overhears Brandon talking to Sami over the phone.  She gives him hell for it.  Nicole needs to get a life and stop interfering with everyone else’s.  She then pays a visit to Sami, and warns her to stay away from her brother.  Nicole deserves a big slap across her face.


Phillip and Chloe eat out at Salem Place.  Talk about the future.  Is that all Phillip wants to talk about?  Belle, Shawn, and Mimi all put scarves on their heads and hang with Phillip and Chloe.  Belle pulls Phillip aside and tells him to stop being in denial about Chloe’s illness.  She thinks he’s giving her false hope (which he totally is).  He flips out and insists that he’s helping her.  Yeah, helping her be in denial!  Isabella gives Brady advice.  He goes over to see John and Marlena.  Apologizes to Marlena for being so mean to her when he first came back to town.  Tells her that he loves her.  He is so sweet.  He later invites both of them to his place for dinner.  Isabella urges him to call Chloe and invite her also.  He’s hesitant at first because of the way she’s been treating him, but in the end he gives in and calls.  At first she is really rude to him, but she agrees to go over for dinner.  Phillip is turning her into a bitch (excuse my language).  Ever since she’s been spending more time with him, she’s become so rude to Brady.  What’s the deal?


On the way to Brady’s for dinner, Marlena stops off at the mansion to return the pillow to Tony, and tell him that she changed her mind about helping him.  Isabella appears to Brady and tells him that she would really like to hear Chloe sing while he plays the piano.  Chloe sings Isabella’s favorite song.  John recognizes it, and later tells them that it was Isabella’s song.  Of course, Chloe flips out on Brady, saying that he purposely played that song.  She runs out.  Why don’t we overreact a little more, Chloe!  She then runs into Phillip, who asks her to leave Salem with him.  Lexi goes to see Abe.  He’s in a meeting with Mickey, filing for divorce.  Poor pitiful Lexi!  She cries about her horrible life, and goes to see Brandon.  He’s preparing for his romantic evening with Sami.  Meanwhile, Victor and Nicole force her to call Brandon and break it off.  She does and Brandon flips out.  Poor guy!  But as you can probably imagine, Lexi is right there to pick up the pieces.  They start kissing.  Can you say on the rebound?

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Updated 4/22/07



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