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Days of Our Lives Articles

Days of our Lives in Review

Week of August 5, 2002

By: Lindsay Clark


Abe and Bo watch the enhanced version of the surveillance tapes.  As the camera peers down on the names on the I.D. bracelets, the names magically change.  But, it isnít magic, its Stefano.  Even though I could have told you that two years ago, everyone else is just catching on now.  Roman tells Billie, once again, that she better not be working as a cop to get close to Bo.  She insists that sheís not.  What a big lie!  She does make it pretty damn obvious that sheís doing it because of Bo.  At Salem Place, Jack and Jennifer talk about Colin.  A few minutes later, they spot him with Nicole.  Colin gives Nicole a claddagh ring, which she doesnít accept.  Then he kisses her, while a strange man snaps their picture.  Is he setting Nicole up?  Why? I donít like this Colin character one bit.  Not only does he annoy me to death, I canít even tell if heís a good guy or a bad guy.  Jennifer wonders why Colin is all over Nicole, if he supposedly loves her so much.  Brandon lays into Lexi about the lawsuit against the hospital.  He tells her that if she does pursue it, heíll testify against her, and tell everyone that she knew of the baby switch all along.  Then somehow, Lexi puts on her poor pitiful me look, and Brandon decides that heís on her side.  That guy has stupid written all over his forehead.  Cops bring Lexi to the station for her to see the tape.


Lexi watches the tape in complete shock.  How could she possibly be shocked, she knew about the baby switch for two years?  She must have known deep down inside that Stefano was behind it.  Lexi goes to the mansion and confronts Bart.  He pretty much confirms to Lexi that Stefano was indeed behind everything.  She then goes over to Abeís house to seek reconciliation.  Kate and Nicole start fighting at the hospital.  Roman breaks it up.  Out of nowhere, he starts flirting with Kate.  Itís about time!  He tells her that she is very attractive, and that if he asks her out on a date, she will say yes.  Little cocky there, Roman!  At the hospital, Billie and Brandon help an abused girl.  They connect over both having an abusive father.  Sounds like they would make a perfect couple!  Victor gives Nicole an empty ring box.  Tells her that when she is ready to be married, they will go and pick out a ring.  I donít see Nicole being ready anytime soon.  Sorry Victor! 


Belle and Shawn bring Rex and Cassie to a cabin to hide them, and find out more about them.  Shawn tells Belle that if they donít come clean about whom they really are, heíll turn them into the police.  How are they supposed to come clean when all they can do is recite commercials?  Lexi apologizes to Abe for taking Stefanoís side.  Abe turns around and asks for a divorce.  Donít get too excited, they start kissing and Abe thinks that if she can be completely honest with him, maybe their marriage could work.  Yeah, like that might actually happen.  Honesty is NOT the best policy in Lexiís mind.  Brady goes to the hospital to see Chloe.  Walks in on her, Phillip, Nancy, and Craig all laughing.  She tells Brady that sheís in remission.  He asks if he can talk to her and she says, ďItís not a good time.Ē  Chloe is really starting to get on my nerves.  Brady tells John about his encounters with Isabella.  Heís a little skeptical, but in the end I think he starts to believe what Brady is telling him.


Colin and Tony talk on the phone.  Tony is responsible for the picture taking of Nicole with Colin.  Meanwhile, Victor wants to know if someone else is in Nicoleís heart.  She lies to him about what happened with Colin.  Too bad heís going to see those pictures!  Jack gives Jennifer a broach with a microphone in it, so she can spy on Colin.  Colin takes Jennifer to the woods for a romantic night.  She confronts him about seeing him with Nicole.  Of course, he gives some lame excuse.  A storm begins to hit.  John starts looking at the pillow Marlena got from Stefano.  As he looks at it he realizes that the stars on the back are the constellation Gemini.  He begins reading up on the constellation trying to figure out the connection to Stefano.  Belle and Shawn ask the aliens where they came from.  Rex draws a picture of the constellation Gemini.  What is the connection?  When they ask them why theyíre so afraid of keys, Rex draws that three-pronged key that John has, going around some of the stars.  Spooky!


Bo gives the details of the tape to Hope, whom is happy they finally have proof.  She tells Barb the somewhat good news.  Barb then confides in Hope that not only did she know about the baby switch for two years, so didnít Lexi.  Lexi is going to be in so much trouble!  Bo and another cop go to break up Magic Mikeís drug ring.  First of all, they talked about Magic Mike like we knew who he was.  Until this episode, Iíd never even heard of the guy!  Anyway, to Boís dismay, Billie shows up as the ploy.  Afterward, Bo threatens to take her badge.  Sitting at different tables, Roman and Kate see each other at a restaurant.  They flirt like crazy!  Their dates donít show up, so Kate gets up to leave.  Roman gets up and follows her onto the elevator, which ends up getting stuck.  Gee, I wander whatís going to happen between them on that elevator!  Brandon shows up at Abeís house to warn Lexi not to get back with him.  He storms off.  Brandonís got quite the little temper on him.  Sami fantasizes about Brandon on the hospital roof, when out of nowhere Brandon comes storming on to the roof.  They argue back and forth.  Sami tries to leave but the door is stuck, so they argue some more.  Abruptly, Brandon grabs Sami and starts kissing her.  So does he like Lexi or Sami?  Iím confused!

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