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Days of Our Lives Articles

Days of our Lives in Review

Week of July 29, 2002

By: Lindsay Clark

Billie moves into Lucas’ apartment.  Outside of the apartment, she meets Brandon, and argues with Sami.  What a surprise, two psycho witches fighting.  Bo tells Shawn that Billie is back in town.  He actually takes it very well.  Not a huge surprise.  Belle and Shawn take the aliens back to his garage to hide them out.  It’s there that Belle comes up with her theory about them.  She thinks they are the Gemini twins, since they look alike, and appeared right after the Gemini showers.  Belle is a very smart girl, but I’m going to have to disagree with her theory.  I think there’s a little more to them, than just being twins.  At the hospital, Chloe starts losing her hair.  The scene was so sad.  It seemed so realistic.  Phillip comforts her.  Is that kid ever not around?  When Craig doesn’t have good news about Chloe, Brady flips out on him.  Can you blame him though?  He’s so in love with the girl, but he won’t tell her that, and he just wants her to get well.  I hope Chloe realizes that Brady is better for her than Phillip.

Sami goes to Abe for answers about Brandon.  He, of course, tells her to butt out.  Brandon argues with Nicole about Abe.  He blames Abe for the break up of their parents.  I do still not quite understand his beef with Abe.  It seems to me Abe was a hero for Brandon’s family.  His father beat his mother, raped his daughter (and made her do porn), and yet all that matters to Brandon is that his parents broke up?  Brandon needs to get over it.  John tells Bo that the key is from outer space.  It turns out that the key is made from a metal that NASA uses for its space ships.  Marlena has a strange dream where she is laying down wearing all white, and a man’s voice keeps saying “Sleep Marlena, sleep.”  When she awakens the doorbell rings, and its Tony.  He came to return the missing queen piece.  Marlena feels very frightened and warns Tony to stay away from her family.  Later, when John gets home, Marlena urges him to give back the key.  When she grabs the key away from him, she gets a strange feeling, and tells John that the key can never be given back to the DiMeras.  Ok, make up your mind Marlena! 

Hope leaves for Iowa.  At the airport, Billie stalks Bo.  Belle and Shawn go out to the garage, after leaving the aliens there all night.  As soon as they walk in, the aliens begin reciting TV commercials.  Those aliens are hilarious!  They then name the aliens Rex and Cassie.  Later in the day, Phillip meets Rex and Cassie.  When he’s about to leave, he takes out his keys and the aliens freak out.  Rex holds up three fingers and holds them out to the side.  Very weird! 

Brady meets with the private investigator that Craig hired.  He wants to help him track Chloe’s father down.  The investigator turns down Brady’s offer.  Isabella talks to Brady and tells him to be with Chloe.  When he arrives at the hospital Phillip is with Chloe.  What else is new?  After Phillip leaves, Brady tries to confide in Chloe about his mother appearing to him.  Instead of listening to his whole story, Chloe gets upset and yells at him.  And of course, Phillip walks in, and tells Brady that he should leave.  I can’t believe she yelled at Brady like that.  As much as I like Chloe, she really overreacted.  She needs to realize that, yes, Phillip buys her all these cheesy gifts, but Brady is the one busting his butt to try and save her life, and in the end that is way more important than stupid gifts! 

Craig meets with Bo to go over the hospital surveillance tapes.  They end up finding nothing.  However, Craig happened to mention that the key to it all must involve the I.D. bracelets.  When Bo goes over the tape again, he finds something.  I don’t know what it could be, but there’s something on that tape.  Rex and Cassie leave Shawn’s house and go to the docks.  They see John with the key and they start freaking out, again!  When Belle and Shawn find them, they try to communicate with them to find out why they’re so afraid of keys.  Rex makes that weird hand signal and says “Three.”  Marlena tells John that she has a horrible feeling that if Tony ever gets his hand on that key, their future will be destroyed.  So this key is somehow connected to Stefano, Marlena, John, Tony, and these alien people.  What does this all mean?  I hope I’m not the only one who is confused!

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Updated 4/22/07



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