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Days of Our Lives Articles

Days of our Lives in Review

Week of July 22, 2002

By: Lindsay Clark 

At the docks a gang called “The Aliens” terrorize the real aliens.  Billie and Roman show up and rain on their parade.  They arrest the gang.  Later, Roman makes a visit to Belle and Shawn to tell them that the string of break-ins, and all the weird stuff going on is due to a gang called the aliens, not actual aliens.  Of course, Belle refuses to believe it.  Shawn, on the other hand gives right into it, and is convinced that the aliens were trying to deceive them.  He them goes down to the docks and starts a fight with Rex.  The aliens jump in the water, and Belle and Shawn jump in after them and save them.  Who are these aliens?  I’m kind of thinking they are a result of Rolf.  I definitely think they have a motive for wanting Belle and Shawn.  They actually give me the creeps!  Hope tries to deal with the fact that Billie is back.  She tries to tell Bo that Billie has an ulterior motive for being back in Salem.  Bo refuses to believe that.  Is he dumb or what?  I love Bo and all, but he’s a detective he should be onto Billie.  Hope later makes a visit to the station to confront Billie.  She basically tells Billie that her and Bo are forever.  Go Hope!  After Hope leaves, Billie speaks to someone on the phone and says, “They’ve bought into my new career.  Hope won’t be a problem.”  Could she be speaking to Larry Welch?  That’s kind of what I’m thinking.  Meanwhile, at the DiMera mansion, everyone is extremely surprised by the appearance of Sami, and Lexi gives Tony hell for it.  Brandon talks to Sami and warns her not to hang out with Tony.  Sami, being her usual dumb self, doesn’t want to hear it.  She then admits to him that she’s using Tony to make him jealous, because she realized that she loves him.  They then have a passionate kiss while Lexie looks on very angry.  Brandon just gets all the winners, hah?  Bo shows up at the dinner party to confront Tony about the invite to the will reading.  He is also extremely confused when he sees John being nice to Tony.  John explains to Bo that it is just a ploy to find out the truth.  Later, they wander off together and find a huge wooden box with the phoenix symbol on it.  Of course, Tony walks in on them and is not very pleased.

Shawn, Carolyn, Bo, Hope, John, Marlena, Abe, Brandon, Celeste, Roman, Sami, and Kate (what is her connection to Stefano) all show up for Stefano’s memorial service.  While listening to the service, each person reminisces about things that Stefano did to him or her.  After the memorial, Brandon, Sami, and Abe had to leave because they weren’t invited to the will reading.  Sami, being the conniving little witch that she is, crashes her car on purpose so Brandon will rescue her.  And of course, he does.  Abe then shows up to help as well, and he and Brandon start fighting.  Brandon almost stabs Abe, but Sami intervenes.  Brandon is kind of a psycho!  Anyway, Brandon catches on to Sami’s car crash plan and leaves.  Poor Sami!

Right before the will is read, Colin shows up surprising everyone.  The executer reads the will.

To Kate:  kipper fillets (What the hell are kipper fillets?)

To Celeste:  paper people chain that reads:  “We must reclaim our youth, reclaim our youth.”

To Roman:  statue of a roman gladiator

To Shawn:  wooden box with a ship in it.  He throws the ship saying it’s a bomb.  It turns out being nothing, but when he threw it a little baby doll fell out of it, and Shawn looked at Colin.  I think Shawn has a lot of secrets that need to be revealed.

To Hope:  scarf, which at first she thinks is a noose.  Later, she figures out that it is a blindfold because Stefano’s message was “Keep your eyes open, despite the darkness.”

To Marlena:  pillow with a sentence written in French on it.  When translated into English it reads “A sleeping beauty in the wood.”

To John:  chess set.  When he gets home he realizes that the queen is missing.  Stefano used to refer to Marlena as queen.

To Lexie:  the DiMera crest, which has a letter to Lexi from Stefano in it.

To Tony:  gigantic model of the DiMera mansion.  Later, when Tony is alone, he puts his hand inside the house and finds the queen piece to the chess set.  He begins gazing at it, and the face of it turns into Marlena’s face.

Marlena becomes very frightened over everything that happened at the will reading.  I’m getting a sense that something bad could happen to her over the next couple of months.  Hope gets news from Glen that J.T. needs surgery.  She decides to take Zack to Iowa to be there for J.T.  This situation fits right into Billie’s plans.  She’s becoming evil.  What happened to the old Billie? 

The best part of this week was definitely the will reading.  It really was spooky.  The little gifts that each person was given, and their reactions were excellent.  There are so many hidden secrets that need to come out and I think they’re going to start unfolding soon.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Updated 4/22/07



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