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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

7/16/12 - 7/20/12

Why are the writers trying to butcher Lucas by making him into a caveman?  Lucas told Sami that he belonged to him like he was her property.  Is this the writersí way of wanting us to root for EJ and Sami to get together?  If it is, itís not working with us.

Sami obviously still has feelings for EJ so we donít know why sheís stringing Lucas along.  She may as well break up with Lucas so she could go down the toxic road with EJ again.  Once she pushes Lucas away and he moves on, sheíll want him back.

Sami should be thankful that the police were suspicious of EJ killing Stefano.  If EJ looked bad, Will as well as her family would be off the hook.  Maybe Sami would rather Will be in jail instead of EJ.

The writers should have waited to reveal the identity of the person framing EJ.  The writers didnít have to rush and reveal the personís identity.  Any other time, the writers want to drag stories out so they could have waited until the cliffhanger to reveal who set EJ up.  It would have been fun to play detective for a little while.

Why is Gabi so obsessed with Chad?  Chad saw that Gabi was ďhurtĒ, but he was only worried about Melanie.  Chad didnít know that Gabi wasnít hurt, but he didnít even take the time to care about her.

Danielís supposed to be a doctor, but he didnít take the time to check on Gabi.  He didnít know she wasnít hurt so he should have checked on her to make sure she was okay.

John must have forgotten about Basic Black now that he wants to run DiMera Enterprises.  Brady went to the trouble of quitting Titan to work with John only for John to want to run DiMera Enterprises.  Brady could have stayed at Titan.

Will should have been more careful with the letter and Lucas wouldnít have found it.  Did Will want the letter to be exposed?

Speaking of the letter, we are glad that Lucas found the letter.  Maybe there will be a chance that EJ will get caught for something.  We know itís wishful thinking, but it didnít hurt to hope EJ gets caught for pretending to be a DiMera.

EJ must have gotten over Nicole since he all but shoved his tongue down Samiís throat.  He made a big deal about getting back with Nicole only to be interested in Sami again.  Nicole was right to think that EJ was still interested in Sami.

We know Andrew isnít wrapped too tight in the head, but he should have known Melanie was tricking him when she made it seem as if she wanted to be with him.  Why would she have changed her mind about him out of the blue? 

We didnít expect Will to be so upset with Lucas for giving Aliceís letter to the police.  Will treated Lucas as if he were Sami. 


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Page updated 7/20/12

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